A Proper Wife

Author: Sandra Marton,
Tags: Fiction
Read this classic romance by bestselling author Sandra Marton, now available for the first time in e-book!The heat is on¡­and so is their marriage! Ryan Kincaid doesn¡¯t like being told what to do. When his grandfather pressures him to marry and introduces him to a suitable bride, Ryan is furious. Devon Franklin is the most argumentative, grasping female he¡¯s ever met! So what if she¡¯s gorgeous and he can¡¯t stop thinking about her?Devon is perfectly capable of running her own life. She doesn¡¯t need a husband and certainly not one like Ryan¡ªdisgustingly rich, dangerously handsome, infuriatingly smug¡­! Who cares if his kisses turn her knees to jelly? Perhaps the solution is a whirlwind wedding¡­and an equally quick divorce?Originally published in 1996

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