101 Low Calorie Recipes

Author: Corinne T. Netzer,
Summary: A Cookbook
Tags: Food and Wine
A collection of low-calorie recipes for weight-conscious readers.? This cookbook covers everything from simple, one-dish meals to planning a party.From the introduction:101 Low Calorie Recipes?is one of my five books that compromise my Good Eating series of cookbooks.?While the calories are greatly reduced in these recipes, the taste is still way up there, enabling you to go on your diet and maintain your weight without making the usual sacrifices. Unlike most diet fare, the dishes in this book are varied and flavorful. Although the main thrust here is on dishes that are low in calories, attention has also been paid to overall health values.?You will find recipes here for complete mealsí¬from soup to dessertí¬and dishes to serve every taste, whether homey or exotic. And because dieting usually means counting calories, I have included the caloric content of each dish. These calculations are based on the latest date from the United States Department of Agriculture and information obtained from various food producers and processors.Enjoy!Includes the following chapters:IntroductionSauces and DressingsAppetizers and StartersSoups and ChowdersMeatsPoultryFish and ShellfishPizzas and Pasta SaucesVegetables and GrainsDesserts

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