Urban Transport XX Read Online

Author: C. A. Brebbia,

Urban Transport XX contains the proceedings of the 20th International Conference on Urban Transport and the Environment.Transportation in urban areas, with its related environmental and social impacts, is a topic of significant concern for policymakers in both municipal and central government and for the urban citizens who need effective and efficient transport systems.Urban transport systems require considerable studies to devise and then safeguard their operational use, maintenance and operational safety. Transportation systems produce significant environmental impacts and can enhance or degrade the quality of life in urban centres. Clearly the challenge of providing effective and efficient transport systems in urban settings remains an acute challenge with financial, political and environmental constrains limiting the ability of transport system planners and operators to deliver the high quality outcomes expected by the public.Topics covered include: Environmental impact; Environmentally friendly transport modes; Transport strategies; Public transport systems; Transport modelling; Urban transport simulation; Transport safety and security; Infrastructure; Land use and transport integration; Transport policy and regulations; Experiences from emerging countries; Non-motorized transport models; Intelligent transport systems.

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