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for Justice Against Jeannie

12/4/2020 c1 6Searece
Awwww, I love it. Thanks for sharing!
11/24/2020 c1 Eclectica737
Thank you, this is the story we should've gotten. I couldn't stand that episode.
11/19/2020 c1 Guest
Can you do same to Tom old owner who hurt him for no reason is this guy wiki/Tom%27s_owner_(Deitch_era)
11/18/2020 c1 The Background Conquerer
I am so happy that you gave Jeannie for what she deserved and that Tom and Jerry get recognized as heroes for taking care of the baby!
11/16/2020 c1 112Stand with Ward and Queen
While I only vaguely remember this episode (haven't watched Tom and Jerry since I was a kid), you did a good job. Jeannie got exactly what she deserved.
11/15/2020 c1 OmnipotentAbsoluteUIGodzilla
Ah, yes! I remember this T & J short very well. The babysitter Jeanine was just the worst, so busy on the phone to care for the baby that Tom and Jerry had to do the babysitting themselves. So reading this fix-it one-shot is Justice for the Tom and Jerry fandom and the titular characters themselves. Tom and Jerry being hailed as heroes and Jeanine's mean and neglectful demeanor and record being exposed to the public was quite cathartic. Go Karmic Justice!
11/15/2020 c1 317Bl4ckHunter
Interesting one-shot.

I don't remember much T&J but Jeannie sure was a terrible sitter and she got what she deserved.
11/15/2020 c1 183Aragorn II Elessar
Oh I loved this buddy.

The babysitter Jeannie got exactly what she deserved, and good that Tom and Jerry were acknowledged as heroes for saving the baby.

Thanks for the shout-out too.

Nicely done.

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