A/N: Hello. Since Tom and Jerry is one of my favorite cartoons, I figured I'd write a fanfiction of this before I post "Space Jam" next month. Also, apart from the fact that Tom and Jerry talked in it, I thought "Tom and Jerry: The Movie" was pretty good, at least in my opinion. So, because of it, I decided to make a fanfiction of "The Magic Ring" as its sequel. Don't worry, though. Tom and Jerry still won't talk as much in this one, just like in the original version. Let's introduce the main cast of the story first before we can begin. For the vocal effects, Daran Norris would portray Tom while Debi Derryberry voices Jerry. As for the voices, Mae Whitman would voice Robyn Starling, Charlie Schlatter would voice Chip Starling, Sigourney Weaver would voice Prestine Figg, and Tim Curry would voice Lickboot. Any other characters that are introduced later on will be revealed in certain chapters. Enjoy. :)

Tom and Jerry: The Magic Ring

Chapter 1: The Ring's The Thing

It all started one morning when the baby birds were chirping for their mother, who brought in a big worm for her two children, one of which took the big worm and was about to fall off until the other grabbed the other worm and pulled him back up before the two baby birds began having their own tug of war as their mother then flew off in the air, even passing by a couple of kids and a car from above before a sort of decrepit house in the scary side of the neighborhood came into view as lightning struck twice in the air (although not in the same spot).

Inside the house, though, a cat named Tom and a mouse named Jerry were having their usual rivalry chases as Tom ran on the carpet, inadvertently causing it to be swept up above him before Tom took off with the carpet still in the air with Jerry rushing back in the entry room with the carpet then landing on the pursuing Tom before crashing into an umbrella container, allowing Jerry to flee into the living room with the fireplace with Tom noticing this as he recovered before a few umbrellas landed on his head followed by the container, which was removed before it was eventually shown that he inadvertently ate an umbrella as the top of it opened up with his head quickly stretching to match the shape of the top of it as meanwhile, Jerry rushed inside the living room, stopped near the cushion, panted heavily, and sighed in relief. That relief however, was not to last as Tom then rushed in toward Jerry, making him shriek in panic and surprise before he hid in the cushion only for Tom to eat the cushion hole and assume its shape as well, much to his puzzlement before looking up to notice that Jerry had managed to get out in time and was now sitting in a chair as he snapped his fingers before Tom went back to his normal shape and pursued, making him give yet another shriek and prompting him to go up the chair with Tom trying, and failing, to get Jerry, who managed to go underneath the chair before Tom peeped out his head from below the chair and stand up, toppling the chair over and frightening Jerry before Tom began chasing the poor mouse all across the room, even inadvertently breaking a lamp as it fell from the table and broke upon impact on the floor. Then, Jerry went around the room (the couch, technically) with Tom following in hot pursuit before Tom suddenly stopped to take a breath and sigh in relief as he brushed his forehead with his arm before noticing Jerry's tail underneath the couch and then grabbing him, although Jerry was not out yet as the mouse noticed a spring and then pulled it before it sprung back and freed Jerry from the cat's clutches, making Tom gasp in surprise over the fact that he somehow slipped before shaking his head and then stretching his arm across the area underneath the couch and then trying to see if he can locate Jerry, but found a ball of yarn, which just so happened to be where Jerry was hiding with Tom only grabbing the end of the yarn instead and pulled it out, only to find some difficulty before pulling harder with Jerry even getting caught up by the tail by the ball up until he was at the top of it and running across the ball for a bit before then dashing away from the ball with Tom pulling harder on the yarn before he heard a whistle and looked up to see Jerry sitting on the couch by the handle before he greeted Tom with a wave with the cat returning the gesture before going back to pulling the yarn only to realize that Jerry was right in front of him now as the mouse was seen using a toothpick, making him positively livid as his face turned red and pink smoke blew out from his ears before his face turned back to its normal color with Tom then charging toward Jerry, who screamed and tried to flee in response only to crash into a lamp and get dizzy before Tom caught him with his hands. Then, suddenly, Jerry started laughing, puzzling Tom to the point of looking to see what he was laughing at while looking carefully each time up until the third time with Tom holding up one hand, which had Jerry on it, laughing and banging his arms against his hand, slowly, but surely, causing the cat to join in the laughter as his face slowly grinned before he started chuckling a bit as those chuckles progressed into laughter as Jerry cautiously snuck out his hand before Tom slowly stopped laughing, realized that he's been played while looking around to see where Jerry went seeing as he was not on his hands anymore, and moved his hand across his face downward before resting his chin on his hand just as Jerry then grabbed a golden coal-shovel from the fireplace, approached Tom, tapped him in the arm, attracting his attention, and then whacked him in the face with the coal-shovel, prompting Tom to grab it upon recovery, frightening Jerry, and then trying to get him, even smashing the table before smashing the table and a couple more lamps just as a blonde-haired girl in a red short-sleeved shirt with somewhat baggy pants named Robyn Starling, who was recently rescued by Tom and Jerry, walked in and noticed the two chasing each other before gasping and then chasing after them in a bid to catch them and stop the chase.

"Tom, Jerry, stop chasing each other!", Robyn urged while trying to put a stop to the chase before it could get out of hand.

Meanwhile, in the basement, a magician named Chip Starling was working on a sort of potion as he cleared his throat as he even plucked off a wart from his bullfrog and placed it in the boiling cauldron before placing a whole stick of butter and a carton of Calcutta milk.

"Okay. Here goes nothing. Magic spell potion #1647A. 'Wart from a bullfrog, one stick of butta, milk from a cow that lives in Calcutta.'", Chip spike before he began rubbing his hands together, causing the ring on his finger to glow brightly.

"Okay. Looks like this is going to be a good one.", Chip spoke as the cauldron began bubbling with orange smoke escaping it.

"One, two, two and a half..., three!", Chip shouted as the bullfrog croaked fearfully and hopped away before the magician zapped the cauldron, only earning a slight poof from the cauldron.

"What the? What happened? My magic potion popped out?", Chip puzzled before then picking up the empty carton of milk and began realizing where he went wrong.

"This milk is from the market. Let's see.", Chip spoke before then turning to his spell book and then noticing a key rule in the spell.

"Oh, dear. 'Absolutely, positively, no substitutions.' Rats!", Chip spoke in frustration as he bashed the empty carton on top of a bullfrog, leaving him quite puzzled if not disgusted.

Meanwhile, Tom and Jerry continued to chase each other straight toward a door.

"Guys, stop! Before you crash into the...", Robyn urged in vain before Tom wound up crashing in the basement as he bumped his head on the stairs many, many times in a row as both Robyn and Jerry winced with each stroke before Tom landed on his head and got back up.

"Basement. Not again.", Robyn groaned before she and Jerry went over to Tom and helped him up to see if he is okay.

"Are you okay, Tom?", Robyn asked before Tom nodded in reply before Robyn scolded the two animals.

"Guys, I've told you both to stop. Seriously, one of these days, both of you are going to get really hurt and you two might not recover this time.", Robyn scolded just before a bright light shone up and dimmed a bit, attracting Tom, Jerry, and Robyn's attention toward it as they hid behind a blue motorbike.

"One more time.", Chip spoke before trying again, leading to another bright flash, but with little to no success on Chip's end.

"Darn! Looks like there really is no substitute. Old Chip's gonna have to do this the hard way.", Chip spoke before Tom slowly gave a smirk and then hopped on before imitating a motor running, much to Robyn's concern.

"Tom, get off of that. You don't know what it could do.", Robyn warned just before the vehicle began to get crazy like a bull for a minute before speeding toward the coals, one of which hit the coal shovel, which floated up, opened the furnace, and then began scooping coal before scooping up Tom and the motorbike, fortunately not toward the furnace, but the ground instead before Tom got ricocheted off the bike.

"Tom, look out!", Robyn shouted.

"Robyn? What are you...?", Chip puzzled just before Tom landed on the table, inadvertently causing one of the flasks to spin around with the long end then facing down as Tom slid down into the ground.

"Tom! What's the matter with you?", Chip asked as Tom recovered and got up before he got splashed by the liquid that was in the flask with Chip then moving the long end back up.

"Can't you see I'm trying to work here?", Chip asked before Tom shook the liquid off him just as Robyn started scolding him.

"I told you guys to stop chasing each other and this is what happens when you don't listen to me.", Robyn scolded.

"Hey, don't worry, Robyn. I'll take care of him. In fact, i was just going to come up and get both of you, because I have a job for you two. I've got to jet over to Calcutta and milk a cow. While I'm gone, I need you two to guard this ring. It's very important that nothing happens to this ring. Understand?", Chip urged as Tom then began to get enamored with the ring, made evident by a trance-like look on his face.

However, Robyn cleared her throat, catching Tom's attention before he shook his head and then nodded.

"If you two do a good job, I'll reward you and your cat with the biggest, juiciest, most delicious lunch you ever had.", Chip spoke, getting Tom excited.

"Uncle Chip? I'm almost afraid to ask, but what's gonna if anything happens to the ring?", Robyn asked in worry.

"I was just getting to that. Should anything happen to the ring, there'll be one less kitty to clean up after around here.", Chip warned, making Tom gasp before looking toward the skull before then panicking and hiding in a small cauldron with Robyn going over to him and getting him out.

"It's okay, Tom. I'm sure he only meant that you're gonna be kicked out. Which, to be fair, is also bad.", Robyn spoke, trying to calm him down.

"Yep. That's just what I meant. So, Robyn, think you two can handle it?", Chip asked as he went over to them before Robyn agreed as Tom gave a salute.

"Don't worry, Uncle Chip. I'll make sure that Tom and Jerry are on their best behavior as we guard your ring.", Robyn assured.

"Okay, Robyn. I'm counting on you to do that and I promise as soon as I get back, you guys will have a big lunch. All right, I'm off. Calcutta, here I come.", Chip spoke as he walked over to his blue motorbike.

Then, Chip started up the motorbike before he then took off and rode on the wall, catching both Robyn and Tom unawares before they ducked, allowing Chip to pass by above them and head out the basement and out the front door for his mission.

"Whoo-hoo-hoo-hoo!", Chip shouted excitedly before back inside the house, Tom laughed nervously.

"Alright, Tom, here is the plan. You and I are going to stay down here and watch the ring, okay?", Robyn spoke before Tom nodded his head.

"Good. Now, let's do our jobs and guard that ring.", Robyn spoke before she stood behind the ring while Tom picked up a broom, placed it above his shoulder, and began matching back and forth, not knowing that Jerry peeped out of his mouse hole, grinned, and then set out to see the lay of the lab in the basement.

When Jerry climbed up to the table, though, he bumped into a jar of eyeballs, the items of which opened, frightening the mouse to the point that the hid behind a can and then peeped out, only for the can to prove just as frightening as a tentacle reached out, frightening the mouse once again before he took off, passing by a beaker, and then stopped after a few seconds of running, out of breath, and sighing in relief as he brushed his forehead. After that, he picked up a faint, alluring smell and was drawn toward a fresh piece of cheese and a small bit of a cracker at that before picking it up and then looking over to his left to notice a book, climb on top of it and sit there to enjoy his meal. But it was after he finished that a glow emitted, drawing Jerry's attention to the source: Chip's Magic Ring. Positively mystified and enthralled, the mouse jumped off the book and went toward the ring, went around it, and then pulled it out from the box to get a good look at it. Afterwards, Jerry then put the ring backwards on his head and then turned it around so the front of it would face the direction he is, much to Robyn's alarm as she suddenly noticed this and gasped.

"Jerry!", Robyn groaned before heading off towards the table just as Jerry then took a good look at himself with the ring on his head and was quite happy to say the least.

After that, Jerry hopped down and out a wrapper around him as if it was a sort of fancy cape for him and took a bit of a stroll while waving only for Robyn to catch Jerry and take the ring off of his head the way Jerry put it on, but backwards.

"No, Jerry. You can't be seen wearing this. It's my Uncle's ring, so it's staying in its box.", Robyn spoke as she set Jerry down.

Then, of course, Tom grabbed Jerry and set him down on the table, on his way to get a broom before going over to him just as the dustpan started coming to life. Then, Robyn knew what Tom was going to do and grew frightfully worried as she gasped.

"No, Tom! Don't!", Robyn shouted.

But before Tom could strike after raising the broom, the dustpan banged Tom by the head, prompting Tom to try and strike back at the dustpan but missed before the broom started coming to life, too, and then whacked him toward the bookshelf, inadvertently knocking into Robyn in the process and causing the ring to get flung into the air and slip onto her finger and get stuck. Then, Tom weakly got up, feeling a sore in the head before the dustpan went over to the books and pushed them down toward Tom, banging him in the head three times before Tom shook his head and recovered just as the broom and dustpan then swept the books a bit and then moved back before Robyn unknowingly grew whiskers as she got back up and scolded Tom and Jerry, who gave her looks of shock from the sight of her whiskers, although Robyn didn't seem to realize yet.

"Why is it so hard for you guys not to chase each other? Seriously. Tom, we made a deal that you would focus and now thanks to both of you, the ring is stuck on my finger and I can't get it off. Do you two have anything to 'say' for yourselves?", Robyn scolded before noticing how shocked and speechless Tom and Jerry were, especially if they were more so than usual.

"Why are you looking at me like that?", Robyn puzzled before Tom pointed to a bottle with a long opening from earlier for reference before Robyn took a look at it, noticed her reflection, as well as her new whiskers and screamed in fright from the sight of her whiskers.

"What's going on?! What's happening to me?!", Robyn panicked before looking at the ring.

"That's it. It must be the ring. I need to get it off.", Robyn decided before she tried to remove the ring but can't seem to do that and realized that it's stuck.

"Oh, no. It's stuck. Maybe we can find someone in the city that can help us. But you two better not go chasing each other while we're out there. Understand?", Robyn asked.

Naturally, with what could be happening to Robyn right now, they had to agree and nod.

"Pinky swear?", Robyn asked as she extended her pinky outward before Tom and Jerry each looked at their own hands and then their own pinkies and then pinky swore with Robyn to make it official.

"Okay, guys. Let's go.", Robyn grinned.

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