Tom was hot on Jerry's tail. The mouse had a big piece of cheese that he was carrying in his little brown paws.

"You'll never catch me, so why try?" The little rodent laughed at his feline rival.

"We'll see about that," The gray cat snarled, and began to pick up speed.

Jerry was going to fast to head into his mouse hole, so the chase led outside.

Jerry blazed through the pet door with Tom less that a meter behind. They raced out of the front yard of the house and onto the street. Unfortunately, neither of them saw the out-of-control car that was headed straight for them.

Jerry cleared the street with Tom now thundering onto it.

The little brown mouse saw the car racing down the street and his stomach instantly sank.

"Tom, look out!," he cried.

The gray cat immediately saw the car and tried to clear the street, but he didn't make it.

Jerry could only show horror as the cat smashed hard into the grey cat before it did a 270 and rolled over four full times before landing on its roof.

The loud noise attracted Rick, Ginger, and their two bulldogs, Spike and Tyke.

Jerry screamed at the critically injured body before breaking down and sobbing.

Spike and Tyke were first on scene. Spike immediately covered Tyke's eyes as the young puppy was too young to see such a grid mark sight. The bulldog sent his son back to the dog house and told him to stay there.

Spike then turned his attention to the still sobbing Jerry.

"Jerry, what happened?," Spike asked

"T-Tom was chasing me because I had stolen a giant piece of cheese. We ran out into the street and a car came and ran over him and it flipped over," the little brown mouse said inbetween sobs.

Spike looked to the other side of the street and there was the car on its roof in a thick, grey cloud of smoke. The driver side door was open, meaning the driver was okay, but their location was unknown.

Rick and Ginger had seen everything and had called an ambulance to pick up Tom.

The ambulance arrived within 5 minutes and transported Tom the nearest hospital.

At the hospital, everyone waited word on Tom's condition. Jerry was the most eager to hear as he had inadvertently caused all this.

The doctor came in and told Rick and Ginger the bad news. Tom's injuries were too severe too operate on. So he didn't have much time.

Everyone headed to the room the grey cat was and saw that he was hooked up to a life support and a respirator.

That's when the cat opened his eyes and croaked a few words for his family.

"You have all given me the best life I could ask for. I love you wit all my heart."

Tom flashed a weak smile before his eyes closed and the heart monitor sounded a long dead tone.

Spike and Jerry stood there looking at the peaceful looking body.

"Tom, I'm sorry I always beat you up for something so small. I wish you could hear me say all this." Spike said, trying to keep his composure.

"Tom, I'm sorry I was always such a jerk to you and caused you a bunch of grief. I wish I was able to lead you away from the street to avoid this tragedy." Jerry blubbered before breaking down again and crying his eyes out.

"We'll miss you, buddy," Spike said before they walked out.

Up above the clouds, Tom was now wearing a halo, a white shirt, and a pair of white wings. He shed a tear of joy at his friends' beautiful speeches.

"Thank you, Spike and Jerry," he said softly. "I wish I could be friends with you sooner too."