Shifu felt unease as he reached the Jade Palace the look in Po's eyes still fresh in his mind, he would've stayed longer with Mei Ling but he couldn't get over the expression the Dragon warriors face. Despite Mei Lings protests to just stay a lil longer.

Po never cried not like this, and the look in his eyes.

Let's just say he knew something was gravely wrong.

"Master Shifu!'. Tigress urgent voice prompted the Master to get out of his thoughts. "You have to come with me its Po!'.

Shifu jolted fear clenching his heart.

"What's wrong Tigress?".

"Po came into the training hall and he hasn't stopped training for hours, he's over exhausted himself but no matter how much we push him to take a break he refuses. You need to talk to him Master or I am afraid he may collapse or worse hurt himself".

"Take me to him!".

The two rushed to the training hall Shifu's heart clenching as he saw the Dragon warrior go in full attack mode, his body was drenched in sweat, body looking ready to collapse yet he wouldn't give up. Not even when Monkey offered to share some Cookies with him, or Crane said why we don't get something to eat.

"Panda!". Shifu's tone has an ahutory to his voice. "Stop this at

Po stiffed his body posture tense but he wouldn't stop attacking the dummy, ears falling back Shifu stormed over to his student's side, the anger diminishing however as he could feel Po's aura oozing pain. The Master gently touched Po's arm in a soft gesture.

"Po…that's enough".

"Like you care".

The cold pained tone startled Shifu Po's gaze refusing to meet his own as he kept attacking the dummy.

"Your leaving us, your leaving me. For Mei Ling. After everything we've been through". By now Po was shouting. "After everything we worked for! You're leaving us, just like that! Like we don't mean anything!".

The training hall was silent all but the heavy breathing coming from the Panda, Po's eyes were cold, angry, hurt gazing at his Master. But the heartbroken expression was what got Shifu most of all. He had never seen Po like this. Angry sure. But this.

Po was devastated.

And it was all his fault.

Po let out a soft groan his body swaying as he collapsed on his side, barely conscious enough to hear Shifu and the five shout his name.

"mm'sorry Shifu". Po barley made out as he slipped into unconsciousness, "on't want ou to leave".

Everything went black.