Po struggled with his emotions as Shifu and Mei ling kissed, how could he just quit? After everything they all had been through after everything him and Shifu had been through. Struggling to keep his composure Po swallowed thickly forcing tears at bay.

"Well if Mei Ling makes you happy". Po swallowed. "Then I'm happy for you".

Pulling from his darling Shifu was startled at the tears that threatened in Po's eyes, he took a step towards the Dragon Warrior only for Po to take a step back.

"I'm going to give you some privacy". Po's voice quiet. Voice oozing with pain. ""I'll meet you back at the Jade Palace". Voice wavering. "Don't worry I won't tell the 5".

He turned to go when he felt a hand on his arm.

"Don't!". Po said firmly. "You'll just make it worse".

He started to walk ignoring Shifu calling his name by now tears ran down his cheek a painful depression a painful depression overtaking his heart.

Taking into a run he ran and ran until he couldn't run anymore falling to his knees.

"Ughhhh!". Po shouted out resting his head on a bamboo stalk, a soft sob escaping his mouth. He had been too late, too late to tell Master Shifu how he felt.

It had first been a admire fan boy sort of feeling he had for Shifu at the beginning, after all Shifu and the 5 had been his Idols. But as time went on and he and Shifu had gotten closer, Po found himself slowly developing feelings for his Master. He knew Shifu was well liked, he guess he just thought he had more time. More time to tell the shorter panda about his feelings.

He should've taken the chance while he had it.

Slumping to his feet the heartbroken panda headed back towards the village, his heart completely destroyed he could barely even force a smile as Villagers said him to him as he passed. A few throwing concerned looks asking him if he was alright as they saw his red rimmed eyes.

The stairs seemed so long as Po made the long trek up them, due to all the exercise he had been getting since joining the five it had gotten a lot easier to make it up them. Yet right now Po felt like his feet had chains on them and it seemed a lot longer than normal.

Once he reached the top Po wearily walked to his room flopping onto his bed sniffling a couple times, he was happy that the five was out doing training as he didn't want to associate with anyone at the moment, actually maybe training wasn't such a bad idea.

Could get his mind off the heartbreak.