It is Booster Shot Day at school. Just about everyone was waiting in line near the nurse's office for the injection. Well, everyone except one sneaky tabby.

Hiding behind a corner with an evil grin on his face, Beauregard is again ploting something against Tom. The tabby has been severely jealous over the attention that his rival receives and decides to play a crazy joke on him.

He makes his way to a nearby room and sneaks in to put on a disguise.


Soon enough, the tabby comes back into the halls as a nurse's assistant, holding a giant booster in his hand. He makes his way to the line of students.

"Move out of the way, guys! I have to get the the most important vic-I mean patient out of the way first!"

The students, all staring at the booster in shock, instantly dash away, leaving only a frozen and trembling Tom.

"Now, Thomas. Time for your overdue shot!" He begins to chase him all around the school, some students taking notice but not bothering to help.

Eventually, Tom ends up in the boy's bathroom, where he appears to outrun him for a while. He attempts to soothe himself by washing his face, but he comes across a poster for Booster Shot Day, with an image of a booster stabbing a fatally bleeding pussycat. Tom has a freak out and jumps into a stall. Outside, Beauregard laughs to himself, apparently having set up the trap. He quickly dashes into the restroom and catches Tom.

"Gotcha now, wuss! What are you gonna do now?"

They get into a slight tussle before Tom breaks free and dashes out of the room, with Beauregard in hot pursuit.


Mary-Lou and Cindy-Lou were on their way to the nurse's.

"Well, it's about time this school featured something like this." Cindy-Lou stated.

"For once, the principal decided to not be-" Mary-Lou cuts her reply off when she notices no one else is at the office. "Wha-what happened to everyone?! They couldn't have just chickened out!"

They were instantly steamrolled by Tom and Beauregard running by.

"What was that?" the pup asked, before looking ahead at the scene in front of her. "Oh, of course! Beauregard is at it again!"

"No one's gonna stab MY Tommy on MY watch!" Cindy-Lou boomed. The duo got up and sped off.


Tom was chased into a corner that's housing all the other students. They all cowered in fear as Beauregard gave off a mighty laugh.

"It's too late for all you critters! Time for a good shootin'!"

He was then interrupted by the two girls coming up behind and shoving him to the floor.

"You should be ashamed!" Mary-Lou growled. "Putting the school into a full blown panic from your stupid act!"

"Most certainly." the nurse said, stepping out of the room. "As punishment for this ruckus, you are going to experience it help everyone regain their courage.
That means he's going to be stabbed a lot."

"Works for us." beamed Cindy-Lou. She then held Tom's paw and kissed it. "Good luck in there Tommy." Tom smiles.

=== AND SO... ===

"Quick and painless." commented Mary-Lou. She and Cindy-Lou have had their shots taken and are covering their arms with tissues. Now, they're waiting for their friend.

"Yep. It almost felt like nothing." added Cindy-Lou.

"AHHHRRRGH!" They then heard Beauregard from the nurse's, screaming in pain from about the seventh stabbing in the arm. A moment later, Tom exited from the room, also with a tissue, a wide grin on his face.

"Looks like someone's feeling fearless!" Mary-Lou spoke.

"I'm so glad for you Tommy." Cindy-Lou gushed, rubbing against him.

As the trio proceed to walk off, more students, confident as ever, walk into the office to get their shots taken, as well as Beauregard feeling more unconfident with his treatment.

"Face it, Beau. This is going to last a long while." the nurse growled.