Jerry hopped in victory with the other joeys and kangaroo rats, but it was short lived, as he heard Tom barfing in mega disgust at what the platypus was feeding him. The mother kangaroo heard it too.

"Oh my shrimp on the Barbie! That platypus is strange looking, but sick as a dingo!" She said, having a change of heart.

"That's no platypus, it's Tom!" Said Jerry Breaking the silence

"Omg, what have I done! I was so set on being the victor as usual that I forgot how much good of friends we are!"

He remembered the words of his conscience,

"You could help him out if you wanted too."

And Jerry motioned for the mama kangaroo to get him to think like the feline kangaroo he wanted to be.

They gave tom mouth to mouth, and just like that, tom's cat ears returned.

"Thanks... little mouse!" Said Tom, breathing.

"But there's only one problem! That papa kangaroo is stronger than me!"

"Relax, pussycat," said a familiar voice that climbed out of the pouch with a green bowler hat, but a kangaroo fanatic t shirt replaced his Charlie Brown black and yellow gangsta gear.

"Cousin Muscles!" Jerry said.

"Woah, cousin, I don't know you could talk."

Cousin muscles said.

"Help Tom now, admire later!"

Jerry said.

"Ok cousin, sheesh!"

Cousin Freddie muscles said.

"I'm sorry about our run ins cousin muscles, it's just that you look alike!" Said tom.

"Not to worry pussycat! That was long ago, now to get you as strong as a roo!"

Muscles said.

Tom re fetched his makeshift kangaroo outfit plus springs, and put them back on.

Tom watched as muscles put in kangaroo tendon bone marrow along with the base ingredients for his signature muscles protein powder, and a shot of vanilla ice cream. "Mainly for the energy that you would feel in a sugar rush, which translates to the springy energy Tom is supposed to have" explained muscles. He poured in milk and mixed it alltogether so the protein powder was barely noticeable.

"Drink up, pussycat! Enjoy my exclusively made kangaroo vanilla protein shake! The strength of the kangaroo and my power will lie with in you when you drink the whole thing!" Muscles said.

"Ok!" Tom said.

He chugged the whole thing, and felt his body fill with warmth as unimaginable strength surged through Tom and his feet grew to where he could kick with the springs still on him. Tom springed on over to the male kangaroo who beat him up straight into the platypus pool and Jerry decided to help with the killing blow putting on cousin muscle's same attire.

"Oy, you bloke, I want a rematch"

said Tom in his best australlian accent approaching the male roo.

"Oh, you are approaching me? Instead of acting all bloody cowardly, you come right to me?" said the male roo.

"I cannot beat the shrimp outta you without coming closer!" Said tom.

"Oh ho! Then come as close as you-" the male kangaroo tried to say as Tom landed the first punch on him.

"ORA ORA ORA ORA ORA ORA ORA ORA ORA ORA!" Shouted Tom as he punched, and then, he knocked out the kangaroo.

"Bloody wallabies! How does one grey roo, have this much strength!"

He tried to get up but then, Jerry came in with the cousin muscles inflated fist punch.


Shouted Jerry laying the killing blow, leaving the male roo to kiss Tom, Jerry and the female roo's feet.

"Now where was I?" said Tom.

"Ah yes."

He whipped out his famous zoot suit line and kissed the roo.

"Ah, i love you. When I'm with you, I am what you call, uh, a hep kangaroo I am hipity hop to the jive. I'm in the groove, darling."

"You say the nicest things" the female roo said as Tom winked.

Then as they were hopping altogether, Tom went up and continued serenading the female roo.

"Now you set my soul on fire, it is not, just a little spark, it is a flame, a big roaring flame, ah I can feel it now!"

The end