The Fates of the Villains

Set after Tom & Jerry: The Movie. Ever wondered what happened to the villains of Tom & Jerry: The Movie after they were defeated? Now's your chance to find out!

FOREWARN: The Alley Cats were defeated early on in the film, so they don't count.


It was all thanks to Tom & Jerry, the famous cat and mouse duo, that Robyn Starling was reunited with her father, Michael Starling, and, thanks to Robyn, Tom & Jerry got their very own new home.

But, I hear you ask, what happened to Robyn's guardian, Aunt Figg, her father's lawyer, Lickboot, and the other villains who tried to harm our heroes and take Robyn prisoner for her dad's money?

Well, the last we saw of them, Captain Kiddie and Squawk were stuck hanging onto a broken bridge above the river, Dr Applecheek was stuck in a stolen ice cream cart in said river, The Straycatchers were trapped on a ferris wheel at Captain Kiddie's carnival, and Aunt Figg, Lickboot, and Ferdinand, Aunt Figg's overweight dog, were on an out-of-control paddle steamer racing down the river, away from Robyn's cabin when it was set on fire.

But what do you think REALLY Happened to them?

Well, let's find out, shall we?

When Robyn's dad found out about Aunt Figg's cruel treatment of his daughter, and of her and Lickboot's fiendish plan of wanting to keep him & Robyn apart so she could keep all his money for herself, and the phony million dollar reward [which he called off], he had Lickboot fired, and had him, alongside Aunt Figg, sentenced to prison for child abuse and forging fake reward money.

He put his family's money into account with a new, nicer, kinder lawyer, who also helped to fund to rebuild the cabin and enlisted that Aunt Figg's mansion and property was to be given to Robyn and her father, and also funded for a new home for Tom & Jerry, the ones who saved Robyn, and reunited her with her dad.

Ferdinand, Aunt Figg's dog, was sent to the dog pound, and he became an easy target for the beastly street dog [the same one that chased Tom at the beginning of the movie, who, for no reason, had ended up there too].

The Straycatchers were rescued from the ferris wheel, and they, alongside Dr Applecheek, were arrested for capturing and exploiting animals for money, but Dr Applecheek got a life sentence for the added theft of an ice cream cart. The ice cream owner [the same one whose kart was stolen] had filed the theft himself, and turned the Straycatchers' old van into an all new ice cream truck.

Captain Kiddie sold his carnival, and with the money, bought Dr Applecheek's house, and converted it into a water park, named Captain Kiddie's Waterland, even adding a statue of Robyn Starling, to the park [with her and her dad's permission of course].

All in all, now you know what happened to the Tom & Jerry the Movie villains.

Author's NOTE:

BTW, this isn't canon, we never really found out what happened to the villains, but all in all. I think we should've seen the epilogues of the characters.

Maybe we will when we get the 30th anniversary version of the movie on DVD in 2022.

What do you think?

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