Stan:Good morning usa i get a feeling it's going to be a wonderful day oh boy it's swell to say good morning usa

Chorus: good morning usa

Roger: hey Stan wake up you silly man make me food you lazy ass

Jeff: hey don't talk to mister s look that roger.

Rogu: want food where food rogu hungry give rogu food.

Stan: huh get out of my bed rogu and roger.

Klaus: Hey stan have you seen francine.

Stan: now that you speak of it no.

Steve: where is my mommy? (Steve starts to cry and then stops)

Stan: stop crying steve i'm trying to think of suspects.

Hayley: what if someone kidnapped mom and they are someone from your past dad.

Stan: be quiet , Hayley, what if your mom has been kidnapped.

Hayley: I just said that dad.

Stan: oh but i think the CIA can help me who could have kidnapped your mother and my lovely francine.

Roger: I think wheels and the legman can help you too and the new member legman's son.

Stan: sure why not you can help roger and steve.

Rogu: rogu help stan.

Stan: yeah rogu help.

Rogu: yay rogu happy to help.

Steve: Yeah, I'm helping too.

Hayley: I will help you guys too. We need to find mom. I will ask Greg and terri.

Steve: Let's go ask snot and Toshi and barry.

Roger: great idea steve let's do that.

Stan: I will ask bullock and jackson dick and john where she is.

Reginald: oh hey stan i heard francine is missing.

Stan: Yeah it's weird but i have a feeling it's someone who wants francine.

Reginald: huh i thought dumper has been up to something or your dad.

Stan: huh you have a point.

Reginald: Yeah jack could be the person or dumper.

Stan: Yeah, I'm going to the CIA to speak with the others.

Reginald: Hey Stan can i come with you man.

Stan: Sure Reginald.

(Meanwhile at greg and terri's house)

Hayley: Hey Greg, have you seen francine.

Greg: Now that you say it no i haven't seen here.

Terri: I haven't seen her either sorry.

Jeff: Hey Hayley, look a clue.

Hayley: what is it Jeff.

Jeff: It's a trail of fish food.

Hayley: huh fish food what Klaus would never do that.

Jeff: yeah he would never do that.

Hayley: But who would take our mom Jeff.

Jeff : I want to know the answer too babe.

(Meanwhile at toshi's house and barry's house)

Roger: So Toshi have you seen Francine.

Toshi: he says no he hasn't in japanese

Roger: oh okay i see you mind of we ask your mom.

Toshi: says his mom is out of town with his sister it's just him.

Roger: alright you are telling the truth.

Steve: so Barry have you seen my mom.

Barry: No, I haven't Steve.

Steve: oh okay thanks for answering the question.

Barry: You're welcome Steve.

Steve: so Barry hasn't seen her or toshi meaning it's snot and his mom.

(At Snot's house)

Steve: So, have you seen my mom.

Snot: no i haven't seen her steve.

Steve: alright we have our answer.

Snot's mom: i haven't seen her either.

Roger: oh okay thanks for answering the question.

(Cia office)

Stan: hey dick have you seen francine.

Dick: no i haven't seen her but i know what would help the security camera in your house.

Stan: oh right i can totally do that.

Bullock: I heard francine is missing.

Stan: that is right sir.

Bullock: Let me look at the security footage for you.

Stan: thanks sir and Dick.

Jackson: oh hey guys what you up to.

Stan: I'm trying to find my wife she is missing.

Jackson: oh boy that's bad.

Stan: yeah and we need to find her.

John: hey guys you notice something on this footage.

Stan: Yeah, Francine is fighting someone who looks just like klaus.

John: no not that but you see that mark.

Stan: What does that mean?

John: you're welcome

Stan: so wait a minute zoom in

John: oh I see it's a woman.

Stan: I guess it's time to admit my dad has a half sister she has francine and klaus's daughter is working with her.

John: oh yeah we have two females on the footage for sure.

(Meanwhile at the smith home)

Stan: I have to come clean kids, your mother has been kidnapped by your auntie janet and Klaus's daughter kimberly.

Steve: no way so that means the fish food was to keep klaus quiet wow.

Roger: so that means we need to rescue francine from them wow.

Rogu: shocking.

Jeff: no way mister s this crazy.

Hayley: wow so this is going to be a family adventure.

(Later that night someone comes into the house and takes hayley and steve)

Hayley: hey who are you and what are you doing.

Steve: yeah i'm going bananas.

Barry: oh steven and hayley you two were easy to trick into thinking i'm a good boy now it's time to meet your father's half sister and your mother hayley.

Stan: hey jeff jeff wake up steve and hayley are missing too.

Jeff: oh no not hayley too.

Stan: yeah i have a feeling barry is behind this and so is your half sister and klaus's daughter.

Jeff: let's go mister s and reginald.

(Meanwhile at the bad guy hideout)

Janet: so hayley you want to be evil like me please do it for your mom.

Hayley: no your not my mother and i will never be evil.

Janet: suit yourself i guess you will have to stay here and stay quiet it.

(Janet puts a gag over hayley's mouth and ties her up)

Barry: now steven you will be screaming for help i'm just going to shut you up now.

(Barry ties up and gags steve)

Janet: oh Francine francine all you had to do was to become evil for us but you don't and i thank you for helping his Jack.

Jack: Oh it was no plan sister i want to have a talk with the alien.

Francine: you will never get away with this jack.

Jack: oh but i already have ha ha ha ha.

(Jack puts a gag over francine's mouth and the three try to escape but fail)

Stan: Reginald you sure you want to come with us.

Reginald: yeah stan let's hope this isn't a trap.

Roger: i'm in too

Rogu:i'm in as well.

Klaus: count me in.

End of chapter 1

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