A/N: Hello. Sorry it took a bit long, but here it is, the first chapter of "Tom and Jerry: Shiver Me Whiskers"! So, here, while Daran Norris and Debi Derryberry would still voice Tom and Jerry, they would only orivide vocal effects. And Robyn would still be voiced by Mae Whitman while Kevin Michael Richardson reprises his role as Red Pirate Ron, Blue Pirate Bob, both if which can talk this time, and Purple Parrot Chuck, who still says "Yar!" for laughs, Wallace Shawn as both the narrator and Purple Pirate Paul (A.K.A. Barnacle Paul), and Mark Hamill as Captain Don Diego Clippershears' ghost. Of course the red and blue parrots, the former named Stan, are still voiced by Charles Nelson Reiley and Kathy Najimy. As for rhe lyrics for the opening sing, while its choreography and orchestra are based off of Bartok the Magnificent's opening song, I came up with the lyrics for that. Enjoy. :)

Tom and Jerry: Shiver Me Whiskers

Chapter 1: A Treasure Map From the Ocean

It all started as a storm was starting to get wild with lightning and thunder before the opening credits started rolling with the faces of Tom, Jerry, and Robyn appearing one by one as the narrator spoke.

"Yargh! This be a tale of the high seas. A tale of fabulous treasure, a tale of three pirate brothers what searched for the treasure, and a a tale of how their plans was thwarted...by a cat...a mouse...and a girl?", the narrator spoke before a bottle was shown on the roaring waters as they crashed down, moving the bottle further across the ocean as meanwhile a pirate ship was in the middle of a storm as a couple of waves crashed on it near the crew, which were pulling as hard as they could.

Play Bartok the Magneficent Music: "Baba Yaga (Instrumental)"

In the open seas, there's a mythical land

People only hear of its name in tales

Filled with molten fire

Smoke across the wind

Filled with Captain Clippershears' haunting wails!

Found only in the center of the island, lies treasure untold within

Filled with perilous dangers just within

Yo-ho Island!

Yo-ho Island

Yo-ho Island

The Treasure of the Spanish Maine

Its glory is next to none

Yo-ho Island!

Yo-ho Island

Yo-ho Island

No force on the land can bind it

The truth is unknown behind it

No pirate on the land can find it

Except for one

"Pull harder, he swabs! And get all hands on deck!", the Captain by the name of Red Pirate Ron urged, causing his parrot, Red Parrot Stan, to cringe from how loud Ron was before he recovered and then urged the crew onwards.

"You heard him! Pull harder!", Stan urged before the crew started doing just that.

End Bartok the Magneficent Music: "Baba Yaga (Instrumental)"

Meanwhile, though, Tom was sleeping in a hammock with Jerry sleeping as well, leaning against a can of fish, that is, until Tom pulled Jerry toward him twice (once to tell him he's hungry before Jerry got out a fish for him and the second to bring Jerry closer to Tom so he may be fed). After that, Tom then opened his mouth with Jerry putting the fish in his mouth as Tom closed it before snapping his fingers, prompting Jerry to pull the fish out, revealing it as nothing more than a skeleton before Tom flicked Jerry and the small fish skeleton toward the bowl with the previous eaten fish just as Robyn was sleeping until Red Pirate Ron opened the door with a slam, waking her up with a gasp.

"I said 'all hands on deck'!", Ron reiterated.

"That includes paws, cat.", Stan added to Tom.

"Apologies, captain. I wasn't paying attention.", Robyn apologized.

"I expected more from ye, me First Mate.", Ron responded.

"Sorry, captain. It won't happen again.", Robyn assured

"Ye better see to it that it doesn't. Now, as I said before, all hands on deck!", Ron urged as he walked toward Tom, grabbed the hammock, pulled it back, and released it, sending both Tom and Jerry flying across the room before they flew out of the room.

"Yes, captain!", Robyn agreed in compliance before exiting the room just as the two bounced off the sail with Jerry holding onto the cannon as best he could before the rope binding him to one of Tom's toes broke, helping him land on the cannon while Tom careened toward the wheel, spun on it, and was bounced off across the ropes before crashing into the mast and then glaring back at Jerry.

After that, Tom started chasing after Jerry, who had to move the cannon up to where Tom landed inside it and reached out, looking for Jerry to grab him, only for the mouse to offer him a string from the cannon to launch himself out of it as Jerry saluted before Tom peeped his head out and saw it before pulling the string, causing it to rumble with Tom gulping nervously and then slinking back inside before it went off, only it didn't launch him, but rather, left him singed and smoked as he was covered in black soot from the cannon before the water washed up on them, not only cleaning the cat, but also revealing a sort of bottle on the ground before Tom picked it up and tried to make out what was in it as he was using his free hand to reach for Jerry, who tried to get away only to get flattened and then reinflate with his tail as springy as ever before Tom then picked Jerry up and used him as a bottle opener to uncork the cork from the bottle and toss him toward a barrel, trapping him inside as Tom then shook the bottle out and noticed a map coming out before catching it and then opening it to notice a treasure map, making him excited before he started daydreaming just as Jerry pushed the cork out a few times before vacating the barrel and then glaringly marching toward Tom, who pointed the map to him below and his own thought bottle before Jerry had his own daydream bubble appearing, baffling both Tom's before the real one burst the clouds and looked down just in time to see Jerry making off with the map, prompting him to chase the mouse. However, as soon as he started chasing him, while Jerry ran up the mop and then bounced off the top of it toward a rope, Tom wound up slipping on the water and then put in the bucket of water three times before Tom popped out of the basket and spat the water out just as the pirate that was mopping walked away. Then, Tom looked up to see Jerry scaling the rope before going after him with a mop and climbing up the ropes just as Jerry set the map down and sat down before Tom arrived at the top and started scaling the rope as meanwhile, Robyn was keeping the crew in check as per Ron's orders.

"Come on, you scurvy dogs! Put your backs into it. Red Pirate Ron wants this ship in working order. Move it. Do ye want him to make ye walk the plank?", Robyn urged before she looked up and saw Tom and Jerry in top of the mast.

"Oh, no.", Robyn spoke in worry before Jerry untied the rope, causing it to come apart and cause Tom to fall down, but not before Jerry waved goodbye to him, forcing him to use his claws to slow down his descent and then land safely on the ground before sighing in relief and walking away only to be met by Red Pirate Ron and Red Parrot Stan.

"Tom, you better get sewing, right now.", Robyn urged with her sword in hand as Captain Ron handed Tom the sewing kit and urged him to fix the sail, making Tom gulp nervously before the cat went over to the sail.

Minutes later, Tom has finished sowing up the sail only to notice Jerry laughing at him, prompting Tom to go after Jerry and then get out an ax to chop the mast down, causing Jerry to lose balance a bit before Captain Ron, Robyn, and Stan cleared their throats, attracting Tom's attention before Tom, in worry, tossed aside the ax and then picked up all the pieces of the mast and put them back in place before patching it up with a lick on his hand and then patting it down.

"Honestly, you are really working my last nerve with these shenanigans. Now, get out of here before I help the captain Keel Haul ya.", Robyn urged before Captain Ron prepared to assault Tom, who had to make haste and fled in panic before hiding behind the barrels.

However, upon looking up, Tom noticed Jerry practically dancing with the treasure map, once again prompting the cat to go after him, while being mindful to avoid getting caught by Robyn and Ron this time around, and climb up the mast to look for Jerry, only to notice him sliding down the rope with the map and arriving at the bottom, untying one of the ropes and even spinning around a telescope, which hit one of the cannonballs, breaking the mast, causing it to tip down while breaking apart 3 ropes with Robyn and Ron turning around to see it with Tom landing in Robyn's arms before Stan pointed toward the crumbling mast before both had to avoid its path as it landed. When it did, Robyn, Ron, and Stan glared at Tom, who laughed nervously before jumping off and then taking off.

Meanwhile, Jerry was sliding down the telescope only to land in Tom's paw before the cat grabbed the map and went over to the cannon to place Jerry inside it before firing him out of it seemingly toward the ocean, much to Robyn's shock as she gasped from the sight and her anger as she growled afterwards. Then, once Tom opened the door to his quarters, Robyn stepped on Tom's tail, making him yowl in pain and jump up in surprise before Robyn started shouting.

"How could you do that, Tom?! Destroying the mast was one thing, but shooting Jerry out of a cannon?! Why, I oughta...!", Robyn began before she noticed the map in Tom's paw.

"Wait. Let me see that.", Robyn spoke before Robyn grabbed the map and opened it, revealing it to be a treasure map, much to her surprise.

"Tom, where did you find this map?", Robyn asked before Tom then pointed at the bottle and the ocean to answer.

"So, you're saying it washed up on the ship from the ocean?", Robyn guessed before Tom nodded his head vigorously.

"Well, if that's the case, then we better get this map to Red Pirate Ron. This treasure could be the ticket to better lives for all of us.", Robyn suggested with a hopeful grin.

"Cursed... Cursed...", the voice echoed.

"Who's there? Show yourself!", Robyn urged as she drew her sword in anticipation before noticing that it came from a glowing skull on the map as it manifested.

"Cursed is this map...the map to the treasure of the Spanish Mane. You cannot begin to imagine the horrors the curse brings. So do not even try.", the skull began.

"C-Cursed?!", Robyn exclaimed fearfully.

"Yes. But the curse can be avoided...if you put the map back in its bottle before sunset. Sunset... Sunset... Sunset...", the skull spoke before Tom and Robyn looked out to see the bottle outside.

"Thank goodness. We better get that bottle quick.", Robyn urged only for the bottle to be accidentally swept away by a mop currently used by a fellow pirate, making Robyn and Tom scream in fear before they ran back to the map.

"Sunset...Sunset...SUNSET! Sunset...", the skull echoed.

"Ooooooh, no, what are we going to do?! If we don't get rid of this map, we'll be cursed! You know what? We'll be good as long as the captain doesn't find this.", Robyn spoke only for Ron to burst into the cabin.

"Look what you did to me mast, Ye stinking sea cat!", Ron exclaimed.

"I really need to learn how to keep my mouth shut.", Robyn spoke in worry before Ron stormed in with Stan on his shoulder.

"What do you have to say for yourself?", Stan asked.

"Captain, before you say anything else, take a look at what's on the desk.", Robyn suggested, pointing to the map.

"Well, what have we here?", Red Parrot Stan asked.

"Shiver me timbers! A treasure map! And if I remember the maps I seen in me youth, this one be leadin' to the lost riches of the Spanish Maine.", Ron spoke excitedly.

"Um, yeah, Captain. And the one who found the map is none other then Tom.", Robyn responded, pointing to Tom.

"Finding that treasure has been a 40-year competition between me and me two scurvy siblings, Blue Pirate Bob and Purple Pirate Paul. What a couple of ugly bilge rats they be.", Red Pirate Ron stated as he grabbed Tom with his hook and then went over to the shelf and opened it to show old maps as well as a picture of him, Bob, and Paul on top.

"Whoa, that's a long time to have a feud, but it's a good thing you have the map and not any of them, that's for sure.", Robyn assured.

"You know, I was going to make Ye walk the plank, but now I'm in such a fine mood, I'll be holding off on it, for now.", Red Pirate Ron warned to Tom before tossing him toward the dresser.

"Nice work, Thomas.", Stan congratulated as Ron walked away with the map and closed the door.

"We're doomed. So very, very doomed.", Robyn whispered fearfully as Tom then fell off the dresser.

Meanwhile, Jerry was still flying across the sea before eventually landing on an apparent pirate ship commandeered by Blue Pirate Bob, who drew his sword at Jerry.

"Who dares be a stowaway on me ship?! I be Blue Pirate Bob, and I don't take lightly to no stowaways! Do you know what I do to stowaways?", Blue Pirate Bob asked before Jerry took off his hat and then wrapped it around his neck like a napkin and then slurping his tongue while rubbing his stomach.

"No! That be not what I do. However, you are half-right. The only feeding around here is to me mascot!", Blue Pirate Bob responded as he stepped back, revealing Spike, held in chains by his two henchmen, worrying Jerry greatly as the mouse screamed before Spike barked at him with Jerry hiding underneath the bucket for a moment before pleading to Blue Pirate Bob.

"Oh, ye be begging for yer life, do ya?", Blue Pirate Bob asked before Jerry nodded and then got out two things from underneath the bucket: a red feather, and some parchment before drawing on it, showing a sort of map.

"W-w-w-w-what?! A map? A treasure, says ye?", Blue Pirate Bob puzzled.

"Well, that makes a sweet pot sweeter, doesn't it? And where might that be?", Blue Parrot Betty asked before Jerry climbed aboard and pointed to Red Pirate Ron's ship.

"Well, if it ain't the ship of me no-good brother, Red Pirate Ron. It's on me brothers ship!", Blue Pirate Bob spoke in surprise.

"So, you're saying he found a treasure map, are ye?", Blue Pirate Betty asked before Jerry nodded.

"Well, I say we give him a proper welcome. What do ye say, lads?", Blue Pirate Bob asked with a smirk.

A/N: Uh-oh. It looks like a brawl is about to break out. And we still have that curse to worry about, too. What do you think could happen? Well, we'll just have to find out either on Thursday or Friday. Or maybe even later tonight, if we're lucky. It all depends, really. Until next time. :)