Garu stared at Pucca while she did the same. Continue as their surroundings transform into the earliest Three Kingdoms Period, when everyone fashion and vehicles adjust to that era. Later, Garu and Pucca's outfit follows, turning as an adult. Garu couldn't hold his tears, falling on his knee.

At the center of his chest hurts as he yearns for Pucca, without knowing whatever caused him to act this way. The pain becomes minimal when Pucca grabs one of his hands, gripping tightly. The sight of her made Garu cry harder, with every single drop showing the agony he's releasing. He pulled her into his arms, afraid to let go while shaking.

"I'm sorry. I'm so, so sorry. If only I'm by your side, this won't happen. So, please." Garu lifted his head, staring at her as if begging. "Don't ever think of leaving me ever again. It hurts to learn what becomes of yourself after you disappear."

Pucca wasn't sure how to react when she wanted to move, comfort in return. Both her arms struggle to wrap around Garu's waist. In the end, Pucca gave in.

Garu continued, "My life was like a living hell. Those who I care are soon followed after. My sisters. My friends. My comrades."

"It's my duty..." Pucca drifted her words a bit. "As a deity."

The images shattered when Ching put a hand on Pucca's shoulder, same goes with Garu when Dada exhaustedly took one of his arms. Everything stays precisely as before the change, so what's going on between those two was like it never existed. Both Garu and Pucca were confused, and then they turned at their companion.

"I finally found you, Garu," Dada sighed in relief.

"Pucca, are you okay?" Ching asked, inspecting Pucca if she's well.

"Yeah, like, you froze staring at—" Abyo cut himself off when his eyes wandered at Dada. "Look at what we have here, Dada. And someone who doesn't seem the type he'll hang around." There's an interest in his voice, assuming Garu being female. "I'm going to introduce myself."

Dada then noticed that Abyo was making his way towards them, which he panicked, trying to make himself small. Also, attempt to yank Garu away. Neither an inch of movement, Garu stayed put within the spot while not recovering visually. His eyes were in a haze. Which is already too late when Abyo got there.

"Hello, Dada. As for this fair lady"—a low deep growl form—"hello," Abyo greeted, ripping his shirt then swift his hair back and forth. "I'm Abyo. What's yours?"

Slowly Dada processes everything, blinking a few times while holding back a giggle. "He's Garu, and not a lady but a lad." That was when Abyo's face went white, while the introduction continued, "He's a newcomer, almost a week. Even though he hasn't moved into his new home because of a fire incident, Soo— Master Soo offers him a place to stay until the rebuild is complete."

"Your friend?" Ching asked, coming over while dragging Pucca by the hand.

Without answering, Dada changed the subject and said, "Ah, Pucca, I see that you're better. Are you eating well?"

No response, not even a nod. Pucca kept staring at Garu, then walked past her friends and stepped right in front of the pretty boy. A few minutes go by, Pucca makes the most shocking decision, snatches a handful of his hair and pulls into a kiss. Everyone had a gap in their mouths, including the villagers.

Garu's mind wasn't there at the moment but steadily returned, screaming in horror from the sudden kiss. He spat out of disgust and ran toward Dada to wipe away the after taste on his shirt. From his reaction, reveal a dislike but shyly admit to fancy the little girl.

A long quiet sigh overcome Dada, taking everything in as the wet saliva seeped within the fabric. He closes his eyes, ignoring what's happened to him but now focuses on the other two children beside him, who's taken back at Pucca's action. That's very understandable. However, Dada has business with Garu and would like to leave.

"I see that Pucca is well, and as for Garu, we have other things to do. So, we'll be heading our way." Dada grip above both Garu arms as they made their escape. It, but ended with a failure.

"What do you mean leaving?" Abyo said, grabbing hold of his hand. "I would like to know more of this Garu and how much of a person he is that caught Pucca's attention."

"Don't be silly, Abyo," Dada said, shaking his head while trying to free himself. "It's just a kiss from a child. Likely, it could be a little crush she has. She'll change when she gets older."

"You never know. Maybe it'll be permanent. Did you ever have a crush on someone and last until now?"


Dada blushes while recalling meeting Ring Ring on the beach five years ago when the moon was full. The light from the moon reflected her silver hair, making it shine as if she's not from this world. If only Ring Ring kept her original hair color instead dyeing blue. Their relationship, unfortunately, is a secret and was meant to be dismissed.

Dada sternly answered, "No one. There's no such person."

Abyo could read from his face that there's a 'yes' but go along with his answer.

"Okay, fine. Whatever you say. But first." Abyo pulled Garu towards him and got a hold of Garu shinobigatana. To everyone's fear, Abyo started swinging without the sheath. "Seeing you carrying this sword must show that you know how to fight. I want a spar."

"Not a chance," Ching said, intervene, making sure there's no physical engagement.

"Come on, Ching. It'll be fun."

"We just met him. And now, a spar?"

"Not to the death."

"Sorry, Abyo, but I can't let that happen." Ching then turned at Garu and apologized, "Please excuse him, he didn't mean what he said. He's a bit excited at… Almost everything."

"No, I'm not."

"I know you well, Abyo. After that spar, you'll be asking him to be your dummy. You'll tie him up on a spinning table and throw knives at him while being blindfolded." Hearing' being tied up' and 'being thrown by knives' had widened Garu's eyes out of fright. "It won't help you one bit on the competition."

Abyo couldn't believe himself when he's actually being mapped out. A nervous laugh broke as he tried not to make any eye contact.

"Just as I suspected," Ching muttered then loudly said, "How about we take him to my place. My dad will measure his capability. Then you'll spar with him if he accepts it. Also, I'm not taking any chances with you using him as a dummy."

I did want it to be at the Edo Period, clenching that idea while brainstorming it as a high school student. Now, older and as an adult. I know more about specific periods and what fits in the historical aspect. I choose the Three Kingdoms Period because it happens in the 220 AD - 280 AD, as for the Edo Period, it's between the 1603 AD and 1868 AD. Also, the setting is in China. Not Japan.