Author's Note: This is a fanfiction based off an Canon X Oc couple in the Tom and Jerry universe. It's quite an old (Well, not really old but I guess almost a year old) fanfiction I made on Wattpad with a help with a writer I knew a while back. I'd like to thank her however for her help and hope to once more see her. So, I hope you enjoy the fanfiction and make sure to leave a review, I'd also love some criticism and what to fix for this fanfiction and for my future stories.

Also as for characters I'd be using, is the classic unpopular black cat: Butch The Cat. And my two beautiful Ocs: Lauren T. Cat and Butch Jr.

Now, let's get the fic going! Let's, Camera, Action!

"Butch? Are you still awake?" Lauren asked, coming down the stairs from her son's room. It was a quiet night on a Sunday, the wind was silent as it blew into the air, the moonlight shone onto the city and the citizens of the city were asleep. Butch, her husband was sitting on the sofa, munching onto a brownie his wife made not long ago.

"Hm?" Butch gulped his food as he turned his head, seeing his wife in a beautiful white robe, hair in a pony tail and no sign of shoes were on her. "Sorry, about dat toots. What do you need me for?" He asked, taking another bite of his brownie. Lauren lay down on her husband, making him blush and slowly gulp it down.

"Oh nothing, wanted to relax before Butch Jr, wakes up." Lauren said, as she began to cuddle into him. Butch smirked as he rubbed her ears, making her giggle. "By the way, your brownies are marvelous baby." He said, which made her heart flutter. She loved the way he complimented her food, especially when it comes to sweets.

"Hmm... you know. Since we are relaxing, we could do something." She said, as she twirled one of Butch's bang from his head, he giggled as he was ready. He slowly puckered his lips as he began to lean his head to his wife, she blushed as she kissed him.

They kissed as Butch dropped the small piece of brownie on the ground, as he hung onto her back, pulling her forward. A minute later they stopped, the two looked at each other as their eyes were widened and sparkles were in them. They began to slowly nuzzled their noses against each other, making their tails sway back and forth.

Butch began kissing her cheek making Lauren smile as her ear twitched. However, she looked down at the coffee table and saw a magazine. Hmm? Must be a new magazine. She thought, Butch stopped kissing as he looked at her.

"Toots?" He asked confusedly. "What's wrong?"

"Uh? Oh sorry, it's just this magazine." She said, as she grabbed the magazine. She opened it to page one, and saw an ad for butter. When he saw this, he pouted as his brows lowered. He wanted to have some romance with his wife, a quiet time till they go to sleep, but this? It. Was. The. Worst. Thing. Ever!

Lauren continued to read the magazine for almost ten minutes, making Butch impatient. "Lauren..." Butch said impatiently, tapping on the edge of the sofa. "When can I have some of your romance?" He asked, Lauren shushed him while she continued to look at the magazine. This made Butch clench a fist, he wanted to rip the magazine out of her hands and kiss her badly.

Till a small squeal came from Lauren's mouth as she turned to the next page.

Butch rolled his eyes.

"Butch!" Said Lauren, as she pointed at the magazine. "There's something I need to show you!" Butch sighed, then said in a irritated tone. "Let me guess, some new clothes you want more than me?" He said, while he growled. Lauren rolled her eyes. "No baby, look. A marriage quiz!" She said happily, ignoring his mean comment.

His pupils lowered, as his anger was set aside with confusion. A marriage quiz? Never seen that before. He thought, Lauren put the magazine beside him. "Oh Butchy, it explains about all the things that we do mostly in our marriage! Ee!" Said Lauren as she smiled slightly, she saw a pen on the coffee table and grabbed it with her tail.

But before they started, Butch began to think about this. He felt afraid that this quiz would cause arguments, and he had a gut feeling for sure. "Baby?" Butch asked, as he looked at his wife. "You know these quizzes aren't true... right?" Lauren smiled. "Yeah, I know Brooklyn man." She said with a giggle. "Besides I don't take things too seriously."

She grabbed the pen with her hand, as she looked at the magazine. Lauren read... "Okay, first question. Have you ever lied to each other? Hmm.." She tapped her chin and thought about it for almost a minute. She cleared her throat. "When was the last time you lied to me?" Butch's eyes lowered as a small gulp came from his throat.

"Um..." Butch said, trying his best to remember. "Well... um... that, one time I didn't buy you a gift for our... anniversary?" Lauren gasped, covering her mouth with her tail. "What?! Y-you told me..." Butch sighed, feeling ashamed. Lauren tried to cool herself down, by breathing in and out.

"Well, I-i'm sure that was that one time. Right?" Lauren asked, as she frowned. "Um... that one time I told you about, me and Meathead going bowling?" He said, clearing his throat. "Yeah. We lied about that so we could go and do karaoke." Lauren's pupils lowered, as she felt more anger strike in. "But, have you lied to me?" Butch asked, Lauren sighed and began to think.

"Hm..." She said, while she tapped her chin again. "Well... I remember that one time... well, I remember that one time? Um..." After thinking and thinking about the past, she realized, she never lied to her husband. Her pupils again lowered as she looked at Butch and nodded. "No. Well, I guess that's a yes."

Lauren checked marked yes with her pen. "Well, at least you did told me the truth." She said, trying to light up the mood. Butch slightly smiled as he nodded in agreement. The two looked at the second question. "Okay." Said Lauren, as she read. "Have you ever have boundaries between each other?" Butch tapped his chin, as he began to once more, think.

"Well. I think we did?" He said, looking at her confused. "I don't know." Said Lauren. "Like I don't... yeah. I don't think we have those."

Butch nodded.

A sigh came from Lauren as she checked no. "Okay, third question says, have you ever... cheated?" Laura and Butch looked at each other, the two nodded as a mouthed "no" came from there mouths.

She circled no. Ten minutes later, the two continued the awful quiz. They slowly became angry at each other; they felt like this was something bad in their marriage, as if their secrets were exposed.

Lauren was in tears, she felt as if she answered one more question... she'll burst. Finally, the last question came as she read, holding back tears. "O-okay... l-last question.." Butch felt like crying too, he didn't care how tough he was. He knew deep down his gut, this was a bad idea and after all, he was right.

"H-how many k-kids..." She hiccuped, as she wiped a tear. "D-do you p-plan on having?" Butch sniffed, as he turned to his wife. "We already h-have a k-kid." He whimpered, as his eyes widened. "So.. it's a no?" Lauren asked, Butch nodded, as a fresh tear fell from his left eye. Lauren saw as she used her finger to wipe it.

"Don't cry." She said, trying to smile but failed as a single tear fell too. "L-like, I'm sure there's p-positive thing about our marriage, right?"

They began to put in the results. You may have thought, was it perfect? Was it good? Was it bad? The results came. "It says if you have tons of yes's and less no'es.." She gasped. "You... have a chance... of getting a divorce..." Lauren slowly dropped the magazine on the floor, tears now fell from her eyes as she put her head onto Butch's chest.

"See!" Butch yelled. "I told ya! It was a bad idea!" Tears fell from Butch's eyes, as he wiped them with his finger. "W-well! I didn't know!" Lauren shouted as she looked up to her husband. "If you didn't have to ask those dumb questions in the first place, this would've happened!" He yelled.

The two began to argue, as sadness, disgust and anger grew in them. They continue to fight for almost an hour, almost getting physical. Butch jr woke up. He rubbed the sleep out his eyes as he heard noises. He could hear his parents fighting with each other, screaming and banging certain items around.

A gasp came from his mouth, as he quickly got out of bed. He ran out of his room, the stairs and in his horror saw them fighting. "M-mom? D-dad?" Butch Jr. gasped, there parents pupils lowered as they turned there heads, to see there son awake and almost in tears. "Son!" They both yelled as they stopped. "W-why are you fighting?" He asked, Lauren looked at her husband. "Well, your father is just a lying brat!" Lauren said, sticking out her tongue.

Butch gasped. "What?! Your the one that nags too much!" He yelled, Lauren went to him as she grabbed hold of his ear. "Excuse me?! Your hot tempered!" She yelled as Butch hissed at her. Junior quickly got between them, pushing them away. "Stop!" He yelled. "Why is this happening?!" He asked, looking both at his angry parents.

"Well, why don't you ask your father!" Lauren said, turning away as she crossed her arms. "E-excuse me?!" Butch yelled, as he pointed his finger at Lauren. "You were the one that wanted to "take the quiz!" Butch mocked.

"What quiz?" Butch Jr. asked, feeling a bit confused from his father's comment. Lauren growled as she went to the living room, she saw the small brownie piece her husband ate and the magazine she dropped on the floor. She grabbed it as she stomped towards them, she gave it her son.

He opened the page as he saw the statement: "If you have tons of yes'es then no'es, you have a chance of divorce." His pupils lowered, as he looked up at his parents. "Oh my..." He said, as he put his hand on his mouth. Butch and Lauren were now not looking at each other. "Mom... dad? Wh-"

"What?!" Butch yelled, making his son jump a bit. "U-um... why don't w-we solve this. L-like I could..." Junior was cut off as her mother spoke. "No son, it's okay. Me and your father c-''''No!" Junior yelled, as he grabbed both of his parents' hands. "Please... let me help you, perhaps I could solve this."

He took them to the sofa again, making them sit either the left or right side. Butch Junior sat in the middle, since he didn't want his parents to fight physically. "Okay." Junior said, as he let go of his parents hands. "I want you to tell me calmly about what happened."

Butch rolled his eyes. "Son, please! This is j-''''Shh!" Shushed his son, cutting his father off. His pupils lowered as he growled again. "Stop being all hot tempered!" Lauren yelled, now crossing her arms as she turned away, as her leg was on her other. "Now listen here woman, you wanna fig-''"Enough!" Junior yelled. "Seriously you two, let's solve this situation!" The parents stopped, as they became silent.

"First, mom." Said, Junior, putting a hand on her shoulder. "What did you do to make dad angry?"

"Well..." Lauren said, not moving a muscle. "Me and your father were doing our... business, and I saw that magazine on the coffee table. We took a quiz, and we got a bad result. Which then caused an argument." Said Lauren, the son nodded as he turned to his father. "Dad, how did you feel when you took the quiz?"

Butch was angry, as he had his arms crossed. "I-I had a gut feeling you see?! I just knew something bad was gonna happen! I-''''Say it calmly dad." Butch Junior cut in. He growled again. "Fine! I had a gut feeling that this quiz was a bad idea. But no. Your mother's all like..." He said in a mocking voice... "Besides, I don't take things seriously!" Lauren gasped, she was about to slap her husband silly. Luckily, Junior put his hand on her hand.

"Now mom, mom. We don't want to see any slapping." Butch Junior said, as he tried not to make his parents have world war three. "Okay, so you two have different opinions. Okay, so mom claims you two took the quiz which seems to be true and dad says he had a gut feeling."

The two nodded. Junior had to think of a solution to the problem, to make them apologize. "So." He asked. "Is there another thing that happened before the quiz?" Butch looked at his wife, angrily. "Well. Your mother ignored me for ten or so minutes to read... to read that... stupid magazine! It got me pissed!"

"Is that true mom?" He asked, Lauren looked at her son and her angry husband. "Yes. It is true." She said honestly, Junior nodded. He was thinking of a solution to the problem. Five minutes later, he saw his parents not looking at each other. Not a single word came from their mouths. "Okay." He said. "I thought about it, and I'm sorry to say mom but... it's your fault."

Lauren's pupils lowered, she looked at her son. "What?! H-how is i-''''Mom!" Butch Junior cut her off, as he looked into her eyes. "Don't you see what you did? You were the one that ignored Dad for like ten or so minutes, and you took that quiz with him. Besides, you should be the one apologizing."

Lauren frowned, as something popped in her head. Why... do I feel guilty? She thought, she turned her head to her son, then to her mad husband. "What have I done?" Mumbled Lauren, her son looked up at her. "Apologize." He said, didn't want to make the situation worse.

Lauren went up to Butch, as she sat beside him. A small "hm!" came from his mouth, shuffling away slightly. "Butch?" Lauren asked in a soft voice. "What?" He asked, sounding angry as he didn't look at her. "Honey, I didn't know that the test would... cause arguments. And yes, I have gotten a bit serious and angry with the answers. I forgive you if you ever lied to me and did anything against me..." She said, genuinely.

He didn't respond. He was wasn't looking at her. She sighed, and continued. "Well, I'm sorry for ruining our night. If you want me to leave you a-" She was cut off as Butch put a finger on her lips, he turned around then, leaning her forward. "Babe." He said, looking at her. "I understand what your saying, and I'm sorry for taking it seriously too. And I'm sorry for yelling at you."

The two looked at each other, as they slowly smiled. They gave each other a peck on the lips then hugged. Butch Jr. smiled. "See?" He said. "I told you this would work." He went off the sofa and began to walk to the staircase. Before he went, he heard his parents. "Junior?" They asked, as he turned around. He saw his parents smile. "Thank you." Junior nodded, going up the stairs then into his bedroom.

"So?" Lauren asked. "Since we forgave..""And forgot." Butch chuckled, but was interrupted as Lauren pulled him close, making him blush. "I ignored you for ten minutes, right?" She asked, smirking. "Yes! You did and it was.. Mm!" He was disturbed as his wife kissed his lips. They fell onto the sofa, as Butch chuckled once again, leaning into the kiss as hearts flew around them.

The End