Stan and Dick came into the room laughing after a successful assassination of a foreign official, the two returned to the office after they had had a few drinks and stumbled in to find that everyone had packed up for the night.

Dick: looks like its just me and you Stan.

Stan: Fine by me let's see if Bullock still has that whisky stashed in his desk.

Stan and Dick went into their boss office and found the whisky.

Dick: wont he kill us for this.

Stan: Nah i'll just replace it later.

Stan take a out of the desk swig.

Dick: ok lets go than.

The two left the office and drink some of Bullocks whisky. Stan stumbled starting to feel his liqor Stan than knocks Dicks glass by accident.

Dick: ill get it.

Dick bends over to pick it up the glass then Stan saw the top of Dick's briefs showing and pulled them up without even thinking.

Dick: Ahh! Stan.

Stan: what? Pull harder, well if you say so!

Stan started giving the briefs many short but strong tugs as Dick winched in pain.

Dick: Ok my turn.

Stan: he he he, d'okay.

Stun drunkenly spun around an nearly fell over before coming to a semi stable position and Dick gives Stan a wedgie this time.

Stan: c'mon are you even trying, what are you a pussy!

Dick: Well sorry but I'm not strong like you.

Dick pulls higher.

Stan: boo, c'mon i can barely feel it, i think you need another one!

Stan turned around Dick a melvin.

Dick: Ahh! I'm sorry ok its just your drunk and its not fair.

Stan: well get drunker stupid.

Stan chuckled while taking another swig spilling some

onto his shirt than Dick drink some more got drunk too and Stan saw dick stumbling around.

Stan: ok try again, put your back into it!"

Stan dropped his pants shaking his butt at Dick then Dick gave him a wedgie and Stan winched.

Stan: see there ya go man, thats a wedgie to be proud of!

Stan shaking his butt more.

Dick: thanks Stan.

Dick let go and try to keep his balance.

Stan: he he i'll catch you buddy.

Stan over dramatically grabbing the front of Dick's underwear again.

Dick: what cant do it from the back Stan?

Stan: why not both?

Stan grabbed up both sides of the underwear and held Dick off the ground for a few seconds then Dick pants fell down

Dick: ha ha ha look my pants are down.

Stan: oh yeahhhhhhh, no pants party!

Stan started dancing and slapped Dick's butt.

Stan: nice butt.

Dick: thanks Stan.

Stan lets go as he and Dick try to keep their balance.

Dick: hehe Hey Stan, i dare you to give yourself an atomic wedgie!

Stan: done.

Stan gave himself an atomic wedgie.

Dick: whoa you actually did it ha!

Dick took a picture on his phone.

Stan: now i dare you to give yourself a shoulder wedgie.

Dick: hell yeah!

It took a few minutes of tugging but Dick managed to get his briefs over his shoulders, he waddled around in his wedgie with his big white butt fully on display.

Stan: nice.

Stan took a picture and the two free them selves as they land in the closet and the two look at each other and smile.

Dick: oh nooo, i'm falling.

Dick pretending to fall and pulling down stan's briefs.

Stan: looks like you want it.

Stan close the door an locked it then he feel next to him.

Dick: oh yeah i've wanted this for a while.

Dick started feeling up stan as he got a boner in his briefs.

Stan: me too iv always want that butt of yours since that dance you did on fathers day.

Dick: why don't you take a closer look then?

Dick pulled down his briefs.

Stan: nice buns.

Dick: thanks.

Dick bent over shaking his butt.

Dick: c'mon stan i've waited too long for that big dick of yours".

Stan: you got it.

Stan got to work and Dick moaned and moved in rhythm with stan's humping, he gasped as stan started to really get into it picking up his pace leaking precum.

Dick: your close are you Stan?

Stan: oh fuck yeah i'm gonna blow my load into this amazing ass of yours.

Stan said while giving Dick's ass a smack then moving his hand around to jerk off Dick while he fucked him.

Dick: oh yeah.

Stan felt himself about to cum and picked up his pace squeezing a bit harder on Dick's penis and came hard.

Stan: here it comes Dick.

Dick: give it to me.

Stan and Dick came together both panting and sweating .

Stan: wow that was great! Let's do this again sometime.

Dick: sure.

the two put there cloths on.

Stan: man do you think we have bedrooms here?

Dick: nah they're remodeling let's take the shuttle home.

The two take the elevator down to the shuttle and find a fat black man harassing their cia shuttle driver.

Stan: is-is that my sons principal?

Dick: yeah he is.

Stan: *smiled* hey let's test out our wedgie skills on that jerk!"

The two snuck up behind lewis as he yelled some nonsense at the driver and they two did a double wedgie on him.

Lewis: ah what the hell man!?

Screamed lewis as the two hooked his underwear over his head, Stan decided to pull down his pants too revealing his huge ass then Stan and Dick both run off into the night laughing.