One morning at the Goh-Rong restaurant, Pucca was serving noodles to the lunch crowd.

"Here you are", Pucca said, "enjoy."

Then, she noticed Garu sitting at a table looking at a menu, and became excited.

"Oh wow", Pucca said, "Garu's here!"

Pucca ran over to Garu, and pretty soon, he was drowning in kisses from her, as usual.

"No, Pucca", Garu said, "stop!"

"Never", Pucca said, "I will never stop loving you, Garu!"

Pucca continued to give Garu kisses, until the chefs walked over to her.

"Oh, Pucca", Dumpling said, "may we speak to you for a moment?"

Garu took the opportunity to escape.

"What is it", Pucca asked.

"We have someone we'd like you to meet", Linguini said.

Then, a young boy around Pucca's age walked over.

"Pucca, meet Kyon", Ho said.

"Hello, Kyon", Pucca said.

"Hello, Pucca", Kyon said.

"Kyon will be joining us for dinner tonight", Dumpling said.

"And there's a big surprise at the end", Ho said.

"Oh wow", Pucca said, "that sounds exciting."

That night, Pucca and Kyon had just finished eating their dinner.

"So, how was it", Dumpling asked.

"It was delicious", Kyon said, "you three are such good cooks."

"Thank you", Dumpling said.

"Now then", Linguini said, "who's ready for dessert?"

"What is it", Pucca asked.

Ho set two slices of cake in front of Pucca and Kyon.

"Harvey Wallbanger cake", Ho said.

"Oh, wow", Pucca said.

As the two ate their slices of cake, Pucca felt something weird in a bite she took.

"What's this", Pucca asked.

Pucca took her fork out of her mouth and saw that there was a golden ring on it.

"A ring", Pucca asked, "what's this doing here?"

"It's your engagement ring", Dumpling said.

Pucca was confused.

"Engagement ring", Pucca asked.

"That's right", Linguini said, "this is the surprise we were telling you about!"

"You're marrying Kyon", Ho said.

Pucca was aghast to hear this.

"Kyon is the son of a noodle chef in a village not too far away from here", Dumpling said, "we've tried his noodles, and we must say, we were very impressed."

"With you two married, our restaurants will come together in one beautiful partnership", Ho said.

"The wedding will be this weekend", Linguini said, "isn't that exciting?"

Pucca wasn't feeling very excited at all.

"Yeah, sure", Pucca said.

Later, after Kyon had left, Pucca went up to her room and lied down on her bed.

"Why would my uncles do this to me", Pucca asked, "they know I love Garu."

The next day, Pucca told Ching all about her surprise engagement.

"Oh my goodness", Ching said, "that's terrible."

"I know", Pucca said, "Kyon's nice, but he's just not my type."

"If only there was something we could do about this", Ching said.

"But what", Pucca asked, "what can we do?"

Then, Ching got an idea.

"I know", Ching said, "you can't get married if you're sick, right?"

"Right", Pucca said, "but how will I get sick before this weekend?"

"Who says it has to be for real", Ching asked, "just pretend to be sick, and your uncles will cancel the wedding."

"Okay", Pucca said, "I'll give it a try."

"Great", Ching said, "trust me, if you do this, then there won't be any church bells ringing for this wedding."

Meanwhile, Garu had gotten wind of the wedding, and was feeling very excited.

"This is the best news ever", Garu said, "when Pucca gets married, she'll stop chasing me around, and I'll finally be free from her funny love!"

The next day, the chefs were cooking breakfast.

"Pucca", Dumpling called, "it's time for breakfast!"

Then, Pucca, who was looking quite pale, walked weakly downstairs, and the chefs' eyes widened at the sight of her state.

"Pucca", Dumpling said, "are you okay?"

"No", Pucca said, "I don't feel so good."

Pucca then collapsed on the floor, and the chefs walked over to her.

"I think she's sick", Linguini said.

"I'll go make her a bowl of soup", Ho said.

"And we'll help her back to her room", Dumpling said.

Dumpling and Linguini helped Pucca upstairs, and laid her down in her bed.

"There you go", Dumpling said, "just get some rest."

What the chefs didn't know was that Pucca was't really sick: she was taking Ching's advice and faking it to get out of the wedding.

"I've got the soup", Ho said.

"Excellent", Linguini said, "now let's take Pucca's temperature."

Dumpling stuck a thermometer in Pucca's mouth, and when he and the other chefs weren't looking, she stuck it in the bowl of hot soup before sticking it back in her mouth, and they checked it.

"She must really be sick", Linguini said, "she's burning up."

"I hope she gets better soon", Dumpling said.

"Me too", Ho said, "because if she doesn't, we might have to call off the wedding."

Pucca was delighted.

"Yes", Pucca thought, "my plan is working."

The next day, Pucca was still "sick", much to the chefs' worry.

"This is terrible", Dumpling said, "the wedding is tomorrow, and Pucca's still sick."

"We've got no choice", Ho said, "we have to cancel the wedding."

Garu overheard this, and was very worried.

"Oh no", Garu said, "if they cancel the wedding, I won't be free, and I'll be stuck with her hunting me down for the rest of my life."

Garu was later jumping from building to bluiling, and when he was on a roof near the Goh-Rong, he noticed something peculiar in Pucca's room.

"Hello", Garu asked, "what's this?"

Inside, Pucca was happily dancing around.

"My plan worked", Pucca said, "now I don't have marry Kyon!"

"She's not sick at all", Garu said.

But then, Garu fell into Pucca's room through the window he was leaning on, and she noticed him.

"Garu", Pucca asked, "what are you doing here?"

Just then, the chefs walked in.

"What's going on up here", Dumpling asked.

Pucca turned around and looked at the chefs.

"Pucca was faking it all along", Garu said, "she wasn't really sick."

Pucca looked at the Garu, and then the chefs, and she thought she knew what was going on.

"I see what's going on here", Pucca said, "you three were suspicious, so you sent Garu to spy on me and see what was going on."

"What", Dumpling asked, "we didn't..."

"Uh, yes", Garu said, "this was their their plan, and I was very reluctant to be taking part in it."

Pucca didn't know that Garu was spying on her by his own choice, and that he had made up the lie so she wouldn't get mad at him.

"You know what, that's not important", Dumpling said, "why did you pretend to be sick?"

"Is it so you could get out of work", Ho asked.

"Did you not want to leave the house", Linguini asked.

"No", Pucca said, "it's because of the wedding!"

"What about the wedding", Dumpling asked.

"I don't want to marry Kyon", Pucca said.

"Why not", Ho asked, "he's a nice young man."

"But he's not for me", Pucca said, "if I have to get married, I want to marry the one who I think is Mr. Right."

"Pucca, this is a huge opportunity for our business", Dumpling said.

"He's right", Ho said, "this could be a big breakthrough for us."

"Well, this is a horrible opportunity for me", Pucca said, "you're only thinking about the Goh-Rong, you don't have my best interests in mind at all!"

Pucca ran away crying.

"Pucca, wait", Dumpling said.

The three chefs watched as Pucca ran out of the Goh-Rong crying.

"Poor Pucca", Linguini said, "she's miserable now."

"That she is", Ho said.

"I know she's upset, but we just can't turn this opportunity away", Dumpling said, "we may never get another chance like this ever again."

"I guess you do have a point", Ho said.

"I just wish the process of improving our business didn't involve making Pucca sad", Linguini said.

A little later, Garu and Abyo were getting ready to do some sparring.

"You ready, Garu", Abyo asked.

"Yeah, sure", Garu said.

Abyo jumped up and ripped his shirt off, and he and Garu began sparring, but Garu was very unenthusiastic about it, so much that Abyo stopped.

"What's the big idea", Abyo asked, "why aren't you fighting?"

"Sorry, Abyo", Garu said, "I guess I'm just not feeling it."

"How come", Abyo asked.

Garu told Abyo about how he revealed to Pucca's uncles that Pucca was pretending to be sick in order to get out of marrying Kyon.

"I thought I might've been doing the right thing by telling her uncles, but now I'm not so sure", Garu said.

"Sometimes, Garu, there are times when lies should be revealed, and times where lies should remain lies", Abyo said, "Pucca loves you, not Kyon, so she was within her rights to fake being sick to get out of marrying him."

"Wow", Garu said, "I honestly never took you for a wise man."

"Thank you, thank you", Abyo said, "I know, I am wise."

"And there's the Abyo I know", Garu said.

The following day was the day of the wedding, and the chefs, in their formal attires, were waiting for Pucca.

"Come on down, Pucca", Dumpling said, "it's time for your big day."

Pucca walked down the stairs wearing a wedding dress, and the three chefs began to get emotional.

"Wow", Linguini said, "you look beautiful."

"It feels like only yesterday we took Pucca in as a baby", Dumpling said.

Then, he began to cry.

"I'm sorry, I've got cooking seasoning in my eye", Dumpling said.

Dumpling ran away crying, followed by Ho and Linguini, and Pucca sighed sadly.

"I guess this is it", Pucca said, "it't time to get married."

Soon, the ceremony was underway, and Garu was sitting in the audience with Ching and Abyo.

"Poor Pucca", Ching said, "she has to marry someone she doesn't love."

Ching's words made Garu feel guilty.

"And it's all my fault", Garu though.

Soon, the organist began playing, and Pucca walked up next to Kyon in the altar, where Master Soo was serving as the officiator.

"Dearly beloved", Master Soo said, "we are gathered here today to this this boy and this girl in holy matrimony."

First, he turned to Kyon.

"Do you, Kyon, take Pucca to be your wife", Master Soo asked.

"I do", Kyon said.

Next, he turned to a still sad Pucca.

"And do you, Pucca, take Kyon to be your husband", Master Soo asked.

Pucca sniffled.

"I do", Pucca said.

"Very well", Master Soo said, "if anyone objects to this union, speak now, or forever hold your peace."

Then, Garu stood up and spoke.

"As a matter of fact", Garu said, "I object to this marriage."

Everyone gasped at what was happening.

"Pucca doesn't truly love Kyon", Garu said, "she's only marrying him because her uncles want to merge businesses with his father, and that's not love at all."

Kyon looked at Pucca.

"Is this true, Pucca", Kyon asked.

"Yes", Pucca said.

"You don't want to marry me", Kyon asked.

"Yes", Pucca said.

Pucca was expecting Kyon to be upset, but instead, he was relieved.

"Oh, thank goodness", Kyon said.

"What", Pucca asked.

"I didn't really want to marry you", Kyon said, "because, no offense, but you're not really my type."

"Oh, I see", Pucca said.

"Well, I'm going home now", Kyon said, "see you around."

And with that, Kyon left for his home village.

"Well, what are you all still doing here", Master Soo asked, "there's no wedding anymore."

"Not so fast", Pucca said, "we can still have a wedding, right, Garu?"

Garu screamed and ran away.

"Come back", Pucca said, "we can get married real quick."

Pucca ran after Garu, and the chefs reflected on what had just happened.

"Well, so much for merging with another good noodle resturaunt", Ho said.

"I guess we're stuck at our current level of success for now", Linguini said.

"But that's okay", Dumpling said, "as long as Pucca's happy, we should be too."

The chefs watched as Pucca caught Garu and gave him a kiss, and they had to agree that it was nice to see their niece happy again.