Seven years have passed since Alexis returned to her old Kingdom of Valora with Will. After having received Alexis's adoptive parents blessing to both marry and become the next king and queen of the Valora Kingdom the two had two daughters named Christy and Elvira after their first year in the kingdom and three more years later had a son named Mark. While out in the woods with their son Alexis is showing her daughters some of her and Will's story by making snow figures while telling them their story.

"And that is how your father and I became the king and queen of this kingdom while also becoming lovers." Alexis says as she makes the snow figures melt and looks at her daughters while Dulce is watching and wagging her tail.

"Wow mom. That was really beautiful." Christy says happily.

"It really was. Especially doing it with those snow figures. Can you tell us another story mom?" Elvira asks excitedly causing Alexis to chuckle slightly.

"Perhaps we can tell you the story of our old friend Robin Hood and his Merry Men on our way to visit Robin and Marion. After all it would be rude to decline their invitation after everything we've went through with them." A voice says revealing to be Will as he comes walking over with Mark while Dulce gets up and barks happily.

"Yes that would be rude to do. How's our archer in training doing today?" Alexis asks as Mark comes over and hugs her.

"Dad says I'm getting better." Mark says excitedly.

"Though his aim is still a touch with some more practice he'll give Robin a run for his gold in no time." Will says as Alexis looks at him and smiles.

"I wish we could do something like Mark." Elvira says sourly.

"Yeah this princess stuff is no fun." Christy says as Alexis looks at her and Elvira and smiles softly.

"Maybe not but unlike your brother the two of you inherited my wolf side while he got my elemental abilities. Once you're a little older in a couple more years I will teach you kids how to control them more and teach you kids some of my tricks that even made your father and Robin hood think twice before they challenged me sometimes." Alexis says.

"She's not wrong there. Your mother was down right scary when she wanted to be sometimes. But I still love her regardless and I always will." Will says as he kisses Alexis on her cheek.

"Now how does that sound kids? That's not very princess or prince like is it? Then again our family isn't exactly like other royal families either." Alexis says as she smiles.

"I can't wait to start working with mom." Christy says excitedly.

"Neither can I!" Elvira says as she and Christy take off running.

"Wait for me!" Mark shouts as he starts after his sisters.

"Well that certainly changed their tune." Will says as he laughs slightly.

"But dad, mom I have a question." Mark asks as he stops and looks at Alexis and Will as they look at him.

"What's that my son?" Will asks.

"Why do you guys always call the story of how you guys met and stuff True Arrow? It doesn't really make sense." Mark says as his sisters come over causing all three kids to look at Will and Alexis as the two look at each other and smile.

"Because when an archer takes aim it must be tried and true and that's how our love is. No matter what we're true to each other and always will be. That's why we call it that. Now come along kids. We need to get ready to leave. Then we'll tell you kids some more stories on the way." Alexis says as she walks off with Will, Dulce, and their kids.