This is a one-shot Pucca story, I hope you guys enjoy. In this story Pucca is 19 and Garu is 21, and it will contain mostly fluff, but it does mention loss. Their personalities are gonna be a mix between Pucca Funny Love, the shorts, and Pucca Love Recipe.

All that could be heard was the pitter patter of rain as it poured onto the roof of the houses. The villagers of Sooga village having fled from the rain into the comfort of their warm homes long ago.

A girl with small twin buns looked out of her room, she couldn't help but follow the raindrops as they slid down the window glass. She sighed as she stared out into the distance, looking specifically for the house of a certain ninja boy. Rainy days always reminded her of him, well most things did. This day specifically was always the hardest for him.

He never talked due to his vow of silence, but then again no words were needed between them. They understood each other silently, though at times there were misunderstandings. She remembered the feelings he had given her as soon as she set eyes on him. It was love at first sight, before him her world wasn't as colorful.

Pucca never intended to chase after him excessively, but she couldn't help it. She was young and in love with the ninja boy, and she didn't know how to control her newfound feelings. He gave her warmth in her chest, and she wanted to share that warmth he provided her. Her uncles were kind and provided her with so much love and support. She wanted to share that with others, but felt that Garu was the one that needed it the most.

He would always be so caught up in his training sessions and duties that he would forget to eat. She worried about him, and as annoyed as he was with her at times, she cared too much about him to leave him alone. If he needed her, she would be there for him, because she wished for his happiness the most.

She shook away her thoughts, and returned her gaze to the house in the distance. She couldn't stay here when she knew what he was feeling. Pucca slapped her cheeks lightly and went downstairs in a rush. She grabbed some dumplings her uncles had recently made and grabbed an umbrella as she waved at them goodbye.

She went running all the way to his house at the edge of the forest, and once she arrived she knocked at his door. After a few seconds of no response, she knocked a bit harder this time. There was some shuffling on the other side and the door slowly opened to reveal the one that held her heart. He looked at her surprised, he wasn't expecting her, then again even now she was the only one that could catch him off guard. He stared at her as she gave him a warm smile, he sighed and stepped aside to let her in.

She wanted to cover him in kisses and hugs but refrained from doing so. Today wasn't the day to do that, she didn't want to push him. He gestured towards the lit up candle in the corner and at the small shrine that stood there. She nodded and followed. They sat in front of the shrine in comfortable silence, and Pucca pulled out the dumplings she had brought. Some of them she gave to Garu, some of them she kept, and the remaining ones were put in front of the shrine as an offering.

Garu gazed at her and gave a faint smile, he appreciated the gesture and then turned his gaze to the picture on the shrine. It showed a man who looked similar to him, he was holding on to a little boy with pigtails. Today marked 17 years since Garu's father passed away, well more like died at the hands of a rival ninja.

He remembered the day, it was a sunny and seemingly peaceful day when his father pushed him out of the house. He peered inside even when his instincts told him not to, his father was fighting a ninja who looked so similar to his rival Tobe. They clashed until the rival ninja caught him off guard and aimed a ninja star at his head. Garu's father fell and the rival ninja turned towards Garu and gave a laugh as he left, not deeming him as a threat. It was scarred into his mind, and ever since it fell to him to regain his family honor.

Garu was distraught after those events, but over time it became manageable, even if he was never quite the same. He didn't remember the warmth of a parent having lost his father at such a young age, and not knowing the whereabouts of his mother. He never thought he needed the warmth, he had grown accustomed to being alone. All he thought he needed was training, meditation, fishing, and Mio.

Then he glanced at Pucca from the corner of his eye, she looked to be in deep thought as she stared at the picture, her face glowing in the gentle candle flame. He felt his face grow warm as he shifted his gaze back to the picture, he never knew how it felt to be given affection, so when Pucca met him and showered him with said affection, he didn't know how to handle it.

Then she found out what happened to his father. She had been running after him that day, but it didn't take her long to realize he wasn't acting like himself, so she asked what was wrong. He had stared at her annoyed, and grunted as he dashed off towards his house. She chased after him but he kept trying to push her away. However, Pucca was a stubborn girl, and she forced her way in, that was when she caught sight of the gently lit candle placed on the shrine. That was the day she found out, Garu had been living in this house since a young age alone.

Garu had looked at the floor that day, and grumbled. He didn't want her to find out, she annoyed him a lot at the time. A part of him however, didn't mind her constant affection, because that was the only affection he had felt in a long time. She gave him warmth, he didn't know if he wanted that warmth, but he knew he enjoyed it to an extent. She soon became even more affectionate after finding out, much to his annoyance. When he asked in his own way why she became more affectionate, she responded with a giggle and said, "Because i'll give you the warmth on behalf of your parents."

He was shocked to say the least, he didn't expect that response. He was pledged to a vow of silence, she was not. She refused to talk much as she deemed words as unnecessary, she preferred listening and gestures much more. Actions speak louder than words after all. She couldn't replace the warmth a parent could give a child, they both knew that, but she could provide him with the warmth of the love she held for him.

He sighed and Pucca turned towards him, her brows raised in question. After she found out about Garu's father, she decided she would give him more space on this day, because she just wanted to be there for him. He needed her, and she would be there for him until he felt better. Garu turned towards Pucca and stared into her eyes. She felt her heart race at his warm gaze, he reached out and pulled her into an embrace. She returned it, albeit she was shocked and surprised. He hardly returned affection, so the small moments in which he did would always shock her and would make her go weak for him all over again.

He tightened the hug, he needed it at that moment. He truly appreciated Pucca, even if he couldn't show her the amount of affection she did. He would show how much he cared for her in other ways, such as leaving roses on her windowsill, or growing a new tree in the place where her favorite tree once stood. She knew he cared, even if he ran away from her affections at times. They loved each other, and they showed it in their own special ways.

Garu sighed as he pulled away and held her at arm's length, he gazed into her eyes and smiled gently as he gave her a slow blink. She smiled and returned the gesture as a light blush dusted their cheeks. Garu was never good with affection, but Pucca provided more than enough for the both of them.

The day slowly ended, they had spent it just snuggled together in comfortable silence, and once it got late Pucca had to say her goodbye. They both wanted to stay together, they never felt like they had enough time together. Garu reached out and held her hand gently, she giggled at his action and pulled him into a hug.

"I'll stay here tonight if you want," she whispered into his ear. He went red at the suggestion but thought it over. Her uncles were okay with her staying over because they trusted them, and he felt he needed her this night so he agreed, much to her delight. She smiled brightly, having expected that he would turn down the suggestion. They soon settled onto his futon and snuggled together.

Garu's thoughts drifted to Sooga, he really enjoyed his life here. He was grateful to everyone in the village, Chang adopted him as a son, Ching was like a sister, Abyo was his annoying best friend, Pucca's uncles were a family to him, and then there was Pucca. She was the one that made it possible for him to open up again. If it wasn't for her he wondered how his life would be, she was often the one to take care of him. He glanced down slightly to her sleeping form against his chest.

Garu knew that if he truly wished to be with someone else, Pucca would stop her advances. After all, she almost gave up on him back when his impostor was attempting to marry Ring Ring. She was so heartbroken that day, and he hated seeing her cry that much. He gave her flowers much to his embarrassment, because he wanted to see her smile again, that bright and beautiful smile.

He was unsure of how he felt for her when they were younger, he didn't hate her at the time. He found her annoying sure, and he was in the "ew girls" stage of his life, but he didn't always mind her presence. He admired her, she was strong, kind, bubbly, cute, and an amazing martial artist. He only half accepted her advances as young kids, but over time he couldn't help to think of her more. Honestly, something drew him to her upon their first meeting, he would never admit that though.

He just didn't know how to handle affection, but she was okay with that. Over the years she eased up on her affections, and now their chase was more of a game they enjoyed to play. He loved her, she knew that, and they have been together for so long. He felt empty when she wasn't around and she felt lonely when he wasn't around. They still did their own things, such as training, helping at the restaurant, meditating, and occasionally training together.

He enjoyed his free time as well though, sometimes being around others was too much for him and so he would escape into the forest or cliff side to meditate in silence. Pucca understood over time and would join him occasionally when she got overwhelmed as well. They bonded through the small glances and silent talks they had. When Pucca wasn't overly affectionate he enjoyed her company, even if a part of him also enjoyed the hugs and kisses she gave. Even if he wanted to, he couldn't imagine being with anyone other than Pucca, she was the one that gave him the most comfort. They understood each other.

Garu chuckled and kissed the top of Pucca's head. 'I'm glad to have you in my life Pucca,' he thought as he slipped into a peaceful slumber.

Garu couldn't remember his parent's warmth, but he didn't need to. He had Pucca, and while he still cared about his duties, he knew that she would be there to support him. Their slow blink was their way of saying I love you, she gave him warmth, he gave her silent love. They were okay with how things were.

I hope you guys enjoyed. Also the scene of Garu's father and the rival ninja was from Pucca Power Up, and it's the main reason as to how this story came into fruition. I love these two and I like exploring their feelings. Honestly, I'm fairly sure Garu likes her he's just shy, and wants his space, which I can't blame him for XD