Feud Fight Redone

A.N. The reason this story has the word "Redone" in the title is because my friend BigMoose01 has already written two Pucca fanfics where Pucca and Garu actually speak English. I myself think this is a good idea, because it might make it much easier to understand what Pucca and Garu are saying if they actually spoke like the other characters do. Also, this is actually one of my favorite episodes from the show, so I kinda had fun writing it. And I hope you have fun reading this one. Well, I think I've said enough, so let our story begin.

One day in Sooga Village, Garu climbed up to the top of the Goh-Rong Restaurant.

"Alright, here goes." he told himself. "One for the money, two for the show, three to get ready, and here I go!"

With that, Garu lept off the building and landed on the ground. Someone landed behind him, and a chase ensued. It only lasted for a few seconds, and soon, Garu came to a dead end. His pursuer was getting closer, and Garu tried to climb the wall, but to no avail.

"Come on, come on!" he whined.

Whoever was chasing Garu got even closer. Garu braced himself for impact, only to be kissed right on the cheek by none other than Pucca.

"Oh, great." Garu thought.

Pucca giggle, and then she went over to Garu and started kissing him rapidly. Garu tried to escape, but Pucca grabbed him, pulled him to the ground, and dragged him away to give him more kisses. This was interrupted by the sound of ringing gong, followed by a familiar voice.

"Lunch time!" the voice called.

The scene transferred to show Uncle Ho, who was ringing the gong outside the restaurant.

"Lunch time, Pucca!" Ho called as he rang the gong again.

Abyo then slid in on his knees and made a motion like he was strumming a guitar.

"Noodles!" he cried.

Abyo then ripped off his shirt and dashed off. The scene cut back to Pucca, who heard her stomach grumbling. She looked down, and the camera zoomed in to show an image of a sumo wrestler striking the inside of Pucca's stomach with a mallet, then zoomed back out.

"Mmm!" said Pucca. "Better go get some lunch."

Pucca then kissed Garu, who had lip marks all over his face at this point, then dashed off to the restaurant.

"Phew." Garu sighed. "Glad that's over. For now, at least."

At the restaurant, Ho, Dumpling, and Linguini were preparing lunch in the kitchen. Linguini tossed an onion into the air, lept up, and sliced it midair. Once back on the ground, he proceeded to chopping another onion while Dumpling caught the slices from the previous one in a pot and carried it away while Ho stirred something. Dada was sweeping the floor in another part of the kitchen when he bumped his broom into some containers that in turn knocked over some items on a shelf, causing some things to fall into one of a pair of socks that was on a clothesline with a pink t-shirt with a heart on it. The sock, vulnerable to the laws of gravity thanks to the added weight, detached from the clothes line and fell, hitting another shelf that housed a pair of boots and a can of gasoline, all of which fell into the pot that the JaJang noodles the chefs had prepared was in, followed by Yani, who immediately jumped out.

"Well, maybe no one will notice." Dada said.

Just then, the chefs came over.

Another batch of pure perfection." Dumpling announced.

Dada winched as he watched Dumpling take a taste of the chefs' creation, but the latter tasted something odd and spat out the sock, which stuck onto Ho's face.

"What putrid ingredients did you two add?!" Ho demanded.

"I would never disrespect the culinary craft like this." denied Linguini. "It must have been you two!"

"How dare you!" snapped Dumpling. "In my whole life, I have never made one stinky noodle!"

"I cannot work with such incompetence!" Ho barked.

"Who are you calling "incontinent"?!" Linguini argued as he and Ho threw their aprons into the pot.

"Noodles...are off!" Dumpling finished.

Linguini and Ho then went their seperate ways. Unknown to the chefs, Pucca had come into the kitchen with her bowl and had witnessed the argument.

"What just happened?" Pucca asked herself.

Some time later, Ho was ringing his gong outside another restaurant that looked like a bowl of rice.

"Come and get it!" he chimed. "My food is the best!"

Outside another restaurant that had a kabob on its roof, Linguini blew a trumpet.

"That man is a menace to noodles!" he shouted. "My food is the best!"

Dumpling stood outside yet another restaurant that was more simple in terms of construction compared to the other two, but had steam-powered machinery behind it.

"Over here!" he called. "No boots, no gasoline! My food is Number One!"

Pucca felt sad as she watched her uncles behave in this manner. She looked over at the Goh-Rong, which was boarded up.

"What about JaJang?" she asked.

"No!" the chefs said together. "No more JaJang noodles! We will never make Jajang noodles again!"

Dark clouds were rolling in, and before anyone knew it, a thunderstorm began. Chang was out walking and heard the chef's declaration.

"No more noodles?" he asked. "No noodles! Somehow, I don't feel quite myself."

Chang's skin then turned pale and he hunched forward.

"Noodles..." he moaned monotonously.

Elsewhere, Ssoso was practicing his sword skills when his sword bent and he turned into the same state as Chang. Abyo had also fallen under this state, and he tried to tear off his shirt, but couldn't do so. Pucca, having watched these events unfold, was deeply saddened, and she walked along, dragging her bowl behind her. She suddenly spotted another noodle restaurant that had a rather festive theme.

"Yum!" Pucca said.

Pucca then went inside, and was soon greeted by Santa.

"How about North Pole Noodles In Snow?" asked Santa.

Pucca was delighted.

"Oh, yes, please!" she grinned.

Pucca was soon seated and Santa brought her her food. Pucca picked up the candy canes included in the dish nd began eating it. However, she didn't like the taste and spat it out, much to Santa's disappointment. Pucca then noticed something, tossed the bowl, and ran outside. the bowl landed on Santa's head.

"No counting for taste." said Santa.

Outside, Pucca saw Ching, who had now turned into a zombie like many of the other Sooga Village residents, same with her pet chicken Won, doing a handstand, only to fall on the ground. Won llaid a single green rotten egg, which immediately deflated.

"Without Jajang noodles, life in Sooga Village just isn't the same." Ching said sadly.

Not too far away, Master Soo and his maidens fell from their clouds. This was followed by Master Soo being struck by lightning from his. The maidens turned and went their seperate ways

"That was a hot one." said Master Soo.

Elsewhere, Abyo's father, Bruce, was by his car with the Vagabond Ninjas and Doga. Bruce was seated on the ground against his police car with the lights flashing and his radio on the ground. He was among those hit by the zombie spell inadvertently cast upon them by the chefs.

"Over...over..." he was saying in a monotonal voice.

Outside the Goh-Ron Restaurant, Pucca was standing in the rain with her bowl. She sniffled, then watched as Ching tried walking, but fell forward. Even more saddened than before, Pucca walked on, dragging her bowl. Meanwhile, Garu was walking around and saw Chang and Ring Ring, in their zombie states, walking through the rain, continuously moaning "Jajang" over and over. He then saw Pucca.

"Oh no!" he gasped.

Garu then braced himself for more kisses, but was surprised when he saw Pucca walk right past him.

"Huh?" he asked. "What's going on?"

Pucca continued to walk through the rain with her bowl. Garu went over to her and saw how sad she was.

"Pucca?" he asked. "You okay?"

But Pucca didn't hear him. Garu offered Pucca some flowers, but she didn't noticed them and kept walking. This made Garu happy.

"Oh boy!" he grinned. "She's too sad to smother me with kisses like she always does!"

Garu then did a little dance, during which he jumped into the air and clicked his heals together. When he landed, he say Abyo.

"Haven't you heard?" Abyo asked. "No more JaJang noodles!"

Abyo dropped to his knees and tried to rip his shirt off, but nothing happened. Garu then turned and what he saw shocked him to the core. Chief, Clown, and Doga were walking past Dumpling's restaurant while saying "JaJang...JaJang..." over and over.

"Forget about JaJang noodles!" said Dumpling. "I have something much better!"

"Don't eat that!" Ho hollered. "Unless you want socks in your food!"

"You should talk, Noodle Wrecker!" Linguini fired back.

Linguini then took a star fruit, sliced it, then hurled the slices at Ho like shurikens, which pinned Ho to the door of his restaurant by his sleeves. Dumpling then took and bit off the stem of an eggplant, then threw the eggplant at Linguini like a hand grenade. Linguini jumped free just as the eggplant hit his restaurant, exploding on impact and destroying the building. Ho then freed himself and juggled some chili peppers, which he hurled at Dumpling, who dodged the incoming peppers as if they were bullets. However, Dumpling's restaurant wasn't so fortunate, and it was destroyed. Ho then watched as Linguini loaded some baozi buns into a cannon that was aimed at his (Ho's) restaurant, and Linguini fired the cannon. Like the other two, Ho jumped free, only for his restaurant to be destroyed. The three chefs then proceeded to break out into a scuffle while still oblivious to the state of most of the village residents, except Garu, who just walked along whistling. At the Goh-Rong, Pucca was sitting on the steps and crying while the Hai-Tais watched on in sadness. One of Pucca's tears landed in the bowl, and it was somehow loud enough for Linguini, Dumpling, and Ho to hear, and the three chefs were mortified when they saw their niece crying and full of guilt almost immediately.

"What have I done?" Dumpling asked.

"We are all to blame." Ho shamefully replied.

"Our pride got in the way of what is truly important." added Linguini.

The three chefs agreed that it was time they made things right. Some time later, Pucca was in the kitchen of the Goh-Rong watching her uncles make a new batch of JaJang. Dumpling went over to the pot and shook some salt into it.

"A dash of salt." he said.

"A pinch of pepper." Ho added as he sprinkled some pepper.

Linguini then put the finished product in front of Pucca.

"A touch of love." he continued.

"For our special girl." Dumpling finished.

Pucca, along with her uncles, felt very happy. Outside, the storm stopped and the sun broke through the clouds, which scattered immediately. This was followed by the aroma of the JaJang filling the streets and the citizens' nostrils. As if by magic, the smell of the food immediately brought them out of their zombie state.

"JaJang!" they cried.

The citizens started making their way to the Goh-Rong, which was now reopened. Later on, Garu walked into the restaurant, still whistling.

"Garu!" everyone chorused.

"Hey, everyone!" Garu replied with a big grin on his face.

Garu then went to find a seat and walked past the table Pucca was sitting at. Pucca then lunged at Garu, tackled him to the ground, and hugged him before smothering him in kisses again. This was witnessed by Dada, who went back to work. However, he wasn't paying attention and bumped his broom into the containers again, causing a repeat of what happened earlier on, except that after Yani fell into the pot, a goat fell in, then an elephant.

"Well, maybe no one will notice." said Dada, repeating the exact same line as before.

The End