George and Joan Smith were at their favourite restaurant having a good time, their baby boy Ben was being watched over by that dependable young lady Jeannie. Their only worry would be if Jeannie would be bothered by their cat Tom or Jerry the mouse that lives in their wall. But nothing that should be too much trouble.

They listened as the restaurant's TV had a breaking live coverage of a story; the reporter was surrounded by police cars and a crowd of people in front of a construction site that was near their house. The reporter said that a passerby had noticed a baby had gotten onto the dangerous levels of the construction and was being chased by what appeared to be a cat and a mouse. George and Joan were amongst those others in the restaurant wondering what careless people allowed this to happen. Honestly anyone who let this go this far shouldn't be near children.

The view switched to the helicopter camera and they saw it was a baby boy with small brands of blonde hair just like Ben and the cat and mouse trying to catch the infant looked just like Tom and Jerry. "No... That can't be..." George muttered in horror as his wife had her mouth wide open. They quickly paid their bill and rushed out of the restaurant and drove to the construction site.

They made it as the crowd was clapping as they saw Tom looking tired and carrying what was Ben with Jerry on Tom's shoulder, they quickly pushed past the crowds and gathered Ben into their arms in great worry. Then came the stern looking police officers came and asked if this was their child and wanted details for what happened. There were murmuring from the crowd as the couple explained what had happened.

The police officers drove with them to their house, Tom and Jerry were buckled up in the back of the car as Ben was in the knee of Joan in the passenger's seat. They got to the front door and Jeannie answered it after a minute and said "Mr and Mrs Smith sir and mam, you're early... The baby was no trouble and..."

Jeannie stopped when she was taken aback to hear Ben's giggling and then her eyes widened to see him in his mother's arms. The Smiths were glaring at her harshly with Tom and Jerry at the door looking up with smug smiles, after all the trouble they have to do when she watches the baby and the house just because she was too busy to do her job.

She tried to say that she could explain and was about to say that she turned away from the baby for a minute but she was interrupted when the Smiths allowed the police officers to walk to the doorway. That they had questions for her.



Those were among the headlines that hit the news and stories hit of Jeannie's babysitting track record, the families that had hired her before have said that their children ignored and told to go away when they needed her help because she spent most of her time on the phone. Jeannie had to pay back all the money that she was paid plus a fine and her parents furious with her called a lawyer that managed to get a plea bargain for the charges of extreme child endangerment and neglect. She would be facing house arrest and a lot of community service. No one would hire her to babysit again.

Joan and George managed to get a professional babysitter to replace her and the family kept being contacted for TV interviews and appearances on talks show. This included Tom and Jerry who were being hailed as hero pets and they were due to appear on pet specials. Jerry got a new cage and Tom a new bed with toys.

The new professional babysitter in his first day of the job found Tom rocking the baby carriage with Jerry making funny faces while on the cat's shoulder. "You two heroes have done enough; I am not going to let you do my job for me." The babysitter said softly as they nodded and went to check on their yet to be opened fanmail and parcels.

I was inspired to write this after Aragorn II Elessar had wrote his Tom and Jerry oneshot They ain't worth it based on that infamous episode Blue Cat Blues. I talked to him about an idea I had related to Busy Buddies and Tot Watchers; two episodes I remembering not liking thanks to that babysitter. I got the names from the Tom and Jerry wiki. Also you know there is going to be a new Tom and Jerry movie that will be animated and live action like Roger Rabbit (with a test with the animation for the cat and mouse looking like it's from an old PS2 game but I am interested). I am working on memory and checking the wiki because those 2 shorts are not worth me living through them again.