A/N First of all i am sorry it took so long to update An Hyena's spots, with life and this pandemic its been an long year. I will be updating alot more. I will also do some side stories and such with Janja and Evan.

"HehNnxt!". Evan jerked his gaze at the soft sound which seemed to echo throughout the cave, book forgotten his eyes drew in concern when he noticed Janja rubbing his nose with his paw.

"Well that was unexpected". The Hyena blinked an few times before stifling another sneeze into his shoulder. "Ugh!". Janja sniffled. "Whats with all the sneezing. I never sneeze!".

Evan's lips twitched rolling his eyes playfully as Janja came his way. Only Janja would get angry at himself over an sneeze.

The Hyena froze when the human reached out touching his nose, which twitched in his grip as it was sensitive.

"Your sick you have an fever".

"You can tell just by touching my nose?". Janja raised an brow, voice nasily from thr human still holding his nose.

"When an canines nose is dry it means your sick. When its more wet then your healthy".

"You humans are weird". Janja grumblrd but fondness laced in his tone as he got comfortable in Evans lap, letting out an content sigh as gentle handz stroked his fur.

Pulling his blanket around the 2 of them, Evan tugged the Hyena leader close, making sure to keep him warm. Evan chuckled when he heard loud snoring. It was his turn to take care of Janja,.

it was nice to be able to return the favor.