A/N So this will be another story idea that was taken from a fan who drew these characters, this story plotline is mine but the idea to do it in HTTYD style is this Tumblr's one. You really should check out her drawings their amazing.

That is her profile: pennumbra look her up on tumblr she's amazing drawer.

The night was stormy, the sky lighting up as flashes of light and thunder loomed over the Village, Everyone had finished their work for the day, leaving nobody stuck in the storm. Well nobody but the leader of the Village Quirin.

It was Quirin's job to care for last minute details that were needed to be fixed, which despite it pouring outside the gruff man took very seriously. Despite being soaked the older man ignored the storm as he pulled the tarp of a few machines that they couldn't risk getting wet.

The Viking nodded at his finished work before heading towards his house which was in the middle of town. He was just nearing his home when he heard a loud BOOM. Prompting Quirin to sigh in annoyed.

Not again.

Coughing through the smoke Quirin made his way downstairs to his son's, well he called it a Lab. He stood at the end of the stairs letting out a sigh as his son put out yet another fire.

"Varian". The Viking gruffed. "I thought I told you I didn't want these contraptions in the house".

"Dad". Varian jumped looking a bit sheepish. "Hey. I know I know but I was just…".

"You were just going to go to bed for the night". Quirin crossed his arms. "I don't need you staying up all night and skimping on your chores AGAIN. You can save this". Quirin waved his hand. "Magic for another day".

"Alchemy dad". Varian pouted but let his father lead him upstairs anyway. "Its not Magic. I don't do magic".

"You could've fooled me". Quirin muttered under his breath before sighing. "Varian one day you're going to be the leader of this Village and I need you to..".

"You're not dying are you dad? Please tell me you're ok". The fear in Varian's eyes sent a jolt around Quirin's heart. Ever since he lost his mother he had been fearful about losing his father to.

The Viking knelt down next to his son placing a large hand on the boy's shoulders.

"I'm not planning on going anywhere anytime soon". Quirin's features gentle. "But you have to learn to be more like a Viking son. People have been talking. While you might think this isn't magic. A lot of the Village does. I can only protect you from them so much son. I would hate for them to do to you what they do to Witches".

"But it's not".

"I know I know". Quirin held up a hand. "But that's what it LOOKS like. Our Village is of simple folk son. And anything different tends to be shunned around here". Quirin put a hand to his head like he had a headache. "I have tried protecting you as much as I can. But you have to help me out a bit here".

Varian's frame slumped a sad look filtering across the younger man's face.

"Alright dad, ill lighten up on the Alchemy for a while".

Quirin let out a gentle smile.

"That's all I ask". Once Varian was in bed he gently tucked the blankets around his son's frame before kissing him on the forehead. "Goodnight son, sweet dreams".

"Night dad". Varian gave his father a sleepy smile. "I love you".

The Viking's fingers ran through Varian's mop of hair.

"I love you to son. More then you'll ever know".

As he turned to leave Quirin pinched the bridge of his nose letting out a stifled sneeze, his entire frame shook at the force. Tired eye's gazing at his slumbering son. It was a matter of time until he befallen the illness that managed to take ahold of his strong body.

But until then he refused to give into it.