Bachelor Ceo/With This Ring Read Online

Author: Lee McKenzie,

Bachelor CEO by Michele Dunaway

Chase McDaniel, heir to McDaniel Manufacturing, just got a rude awakening– his grandfather is ordering him to take a year off and find out what he really wants. All he doesn't want is gorgeous, talented Miranda Craig taking his job! But Miranda and Chase's strictly–business arrangement may be in danger of turning into something more, especially if a certain matchmaking relative has his way

With This Ring by Lee McKenzie

Brent Borden had always imagined that Leslie Durrance was happy on her pedestal. Until she ran– in the midst of a rainstorm, dripping diamonds, wedding dress and all– into the arms of a construction worker.

With the whole town buzzing about this juicy scandal, it is a relief for Leslie when a Christmas–themed fundraiser gives her a chance to get the tongues wagging about something besides her almost– wedding. And makes her see that the greatest gift has been in front of her all along

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