Psychology for Inclusive Education Read Online

Author: Peter Hick,


What can psychology offer inclusive education? Traditionally, special education has looked to psychology for many of its theoretical resources and practical strategies. While those seeking to promote more inclusive education have tended to see psychology and psychologists as part of the problem by providing a rationale for segregation. However, in practice many psychologists today are developing inclusive ways of working, and are paying attention to psychological theories that underpin inclusive education.

Psychology for Inclusive Education reframes the contribution of psychology in terms of its relevance to inclusion and will show how psychological theories of learning and human development are compatible with inclusive education. Part 1 explores psychological theories relevant to understanding inclusive education and Part 2 looks at how psychology can contribute to promoting more inclusive education in practice. Chapters cover:

how psychologists can collaborate with teachers for inclusive solutions

Vygotsky's theories of learning and their significance for inclusion

the challenge of developing pedagogies for inclusion

sociocultural understandings of learning in inclusive classrooms

the role of emotion in learning and inclusion

cooperative learning and inclusion

the challenges and tensions of inclusion and high standards for schools

the practice of dynamic assessment as an inclusive alternative to IQ

social justice and inclusive psychology


Bringing together a highly distinguished list of international contributors from the UK, USA and South Africa and including practising educational psychologists, this book will link theory to practice in schools and classrooms. International in focus and at the very cutting edge of the field, this is essential reading for all those interested in the development of inclusive education.

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