Charcot Joints Read Online

Author: Sidney N. Eichenholtz,

Every medical practitioner who treats fractures would like to know the answer to the question, "What can I expect from E. fractured long bone in a limb containing a Charcot joint?" Every surgeon who operates on a Charcot joint has misgivings about the results of his surgery not only to the operated joint but also to the adjacent joints. The radiologist, pathologist, and internist are all concerned with diagnosis and prognosis of neuropathic joints. Here at last is a compendium of clinical knowledge on the Charcot joints .. . the only single source of such material in the modern literature. Clinical problems never previously discussed in-depth are considered. Throughout the entire book the interest of the reader is stimulated 'and provoked by "the maverick behavior" of the disease entity known `as Charcot joint.

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