Lydia Read Online

Author: Sandy J. Clark,

Picture it: youre walking through a muggy forest in Peru. You take a seat on a mossy tree stump and look up into blue sky, half hidden by thick green leaves above you. Theres a sound in the branches. Youre expecting a cockatoo, but youre wrong. By the time you realize what youre seeing, its too late. Youre already dead.People are dying in the depths of the Peruvian rainforest. Marcus Tolson, entomologist extraordinaire, is called in to save the day. He travels, across the ocean from New York, with his team of experts. Theyre ready for anything. Theres nothing they havent seen before, and theyve come fully prepared to catch and capture whatever it is that is taking innocent lives. But when a member of Tolsons team ends up missing, the group begins to realize theyre dealing with something bigger and meaner than anything theyve seen before. A genetically engineered monster has escaped in the jungle, and this eight-legged killer is hungry for human blood. The lives of an entire villageand the lives of his teamare in Tolsons hands. Will his expertise be enough to get them out alive, or will a horrific beast be set loose upon the world?

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