An Anthology of Short Fiction Read Online

Author: Chandler Jackson,

Exciting adventures of action and thought provoking events mix together to open the worlds of Chandler Jackson to the world. This collection of short stories range from, The Final Moment, a fun adventurous run through the dark world of a corporate controlled future in which life is cheap, especially when compared to the technologies and necessities in a world with no real control. To an alien invasion to take over the Earth and enslave the human race in the short story Invasion. The story of a simple thief who finally scores the job of a lifetime, and gets the biggest break he could imagine in That One In A Million. A touching tale of lifelong friendships and the wisdom we all have but sometimes just don't realize is there, as well as loss of that friendship in the short, A Game Between friends. Capped off with a very intriguing journey into one mans mind as he races to save his unborn child and fiance from death in Moment In Time, a story that tries to explore what really goes through your mind when life is slipping away.

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