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Author: Mark Timothy Morgan,


“I was twenty-one years old when the letter arrived.It was the most exciting letter I ever received.Written in my father’s untidy scrawl,it had obviously been sent in the joy of discoveryand his happiness showed in every word.

The Book of the Law of God had been found!”

King Josiah hears the words of God and everything starts to change.

Idolatry is forced to take a backward step and the true servants of God have some breathing space.

Josiah and Jeremiah continue their work together.

Let the Passover celebrations begin!?Terror on Every Side! The Life of Jeremiah: Volume 2 – As Good As It Gets (Volume 2 of 5)Written by Mark Morgan (Bible Tales Online –


Terror on Every Side! – The seriesThe words of God came to Jeremiah as a fire, burning within him, and with them, his lifetime mission – a prophet to the nations.Jeremiah was a prophet of God for over 40 years, warning of judgement on the nation of Judah and all the nations around.? Few would listen at all, and fewer still would take him seriously.? Jeremiah lived to see the prophecies of destruction come true.? No-one would believe his words until it was too late – and then there was Terror on Every Side!

Previous volume:

Volume 1 – Early Days

Subsequent volumes:

Volume 3 – Darkness FallingVolume 4 – The Darkness DeepensVolume 5 – No Remedy

Mark Morgan (Bible Tales Online)

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