Man in the Mirror - A Sexy M/M Sci-Fi Time Travel Short Story from Steam Books Read Online

Author: Dara Tulen,


BONUS! This ebook contains a preview of the hot novelette "The Prince's Bodyguard" by Bernadette Russo. The brilliant and handsome Dalton has found himself in the past as a result of his latest experiment, and what's more, he's found himself in the bedroom of an incredibly attractive young man: his younger self. An amazing opportunity presents itself: just what will Dalton do in the name of science? Or in the name of lust? WARNING: This 5,154-word short story is a steamy read that contains explicit scenes between a dashing and brilliant scientist and his handsome young man doppleganger that include oral and anal sex as well as some dominance and submissive action. It might be too much for some readers to handle!

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