Tandem Computers Unplugged Read Online

Author: Gaye I Clemson,

ABOUT THE BOOK“Lots of histories have been written about Silicon Valley companies. What makes this one about Tandem unique is that it reflects, through the eyes and hearts of the employees who worked there, what they respected about the company. This is valuable insight for CEOs trying to decide what kind of company to build and for employees trying to decide what kind of company to work for.” —Jimmy Treybig, President“Gaye does an amazing job capturing not only the historical timeline of events, but the very soul of the company... the success, the fun, and the departure of the unforgettable once-in-a-career experience that was Tandem. You'll smile from start to finish.” —Jan Seamons, Former Program Manager, Sales and Marketing“Gaye has weaved a story that tells of a great experiment in corporate culture. Tandem strived to build not only a unique computer, but a unique work environment based on collaboration of outstanding people. Tandem Computers Unplugged gives an insight in to the successes and failures of that experiment through very personal stories in a delightful read.” —Jim Katzman, Co-Founder“It seems ironic that we speak so highly of a corporate culture that is no longer with us. Gaye has captured, not only as a historian but through her own personal experiences at Tandem and through her writing style, the essence of what was a pillar of Silicon Valley. A sense of loss that I have felt over the years, in Tandem's passing, is now filled with this wonderful tribute.” —Ed Martin, Former Project Manager, Philosophy Program ABOUT THE AUTHORSince 2002, Gaye I. Clemson, a Tandem Computers employee from 1984 to 1992, has been collecting stories and recollections from fellow employees in an effort to capture the voices and history of this amazing company that thrived in Silicon Valley from 1974 to 2002. Though her 8th book in the oral history tradition, this is her first venture into using social media as the primary story collection medium and her first use of this narrative process for a high technology company. Clemson resides in Capitola, California, though in summer can usually be found paddling her canoe on a wilderness lake in Algonquin Park, Ontario, Canada.

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