Chinese Children's Favorite Stories Read Online

Author: Mingmei Yip,

Chinese Children's Favorite Stories is a delightful selection of thirteen Chinese folktales as retold by author and illustrator Mingmei Yip. Inspired by her beloved father's nightly story-telling when she was a child, Yip hopes that by retelling some of these thousand-year-old Chinese stories she can pass along Chinese folklore and fables to international readers of all ages.These beautifully illustrated tales give children in other countries a glimpse into the traditions and culture of China, while emphasizing universal lessons about being kind and successfully overcoming obstacles. Readers will encounter many delightful characters—from an angry dragon to a wise cow—in stories such as:The Dream of the Butterfly—A sweet tale about accepting who you are and fully appreciating the world around youCarp Jumping Over the Dragon Gate—A popular story about the rewards of hard workPlaying the Qin for the Water Buffalo—A musical tale that highlights empathy and understandingAnd many more!Recommended for children ages five to ten.

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